Granddaddy Purple

I’m a new Grower, my first grow was OG kush autoflowers. I am currently growing some Granddaddy purple photo. I am not sure how long I should leave in veg. Any help would be appreciated.

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If they are autos, you have no control over how long they vegg

No , they are feminized photos.

As long as you want, they can pre-flower and you can still keep them in veg until you switch lights to 12/12…

I’m no expert but just let them grow and watch for pests and other issues and it will be ok, here’s my Cheese fem since April 1


Thanks, I just wasn’t sure if there was a point where I would screw them up if I left them in Veg for to long. They are about 30 days into veg. They are looking good excellent growth so far.

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I vegged these for about 2 months…

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I’ve been growing ilgm gdp for a while. 3 months veg is the sweet spot for me. If you want smaller plants go 2 months.

It really depends on how much room you have.

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I just upgraded from 4x4 to 4x8 . Growing 4 plants. So I have some room. Probably will go longer than 2 . Three months seems about right. Thanks for the response.

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I like the way you pulled and spread those limbs out nice even canopy that one is going to be a winner. Good luck finishing.

Thanks a few of the gang here recommended it, I am limited on vertical space so I had to do something to restrict it and they suggested LST low stress training never heard of it since I’m a newbie

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The only concern with indoors is canopy penetration. It sucks for really big plants but fine for smaller ones.