Granddaddy Purple - Northern Lights Octopot Grow

Tent - 48x48x80
Light - HLG QB132 V2 Quantum Boards 3000k. 8 Boards in use DIY project last year.
With dimmable ballasts mounted outside of the tent for better heat control.
Ac Infinity S6/T6 exhaust fans.
Both dehumidifier and humidifier used outside of tent controlling room environment that tent is in.
2 - 6gal. Octopots with reservoir.
Soil - FF Coco Loco
Nutes - Coco Connoisseur Grow.
Plants - Granddaddy Purple (1) - Northern Lights (1) by ILGM.

So a little about me. This will make my 5th grow. Been happy with my turnouts at the end of each season. I’m the only smoker in the house. Wife might it it once in a while but not much.
Anyway. I germinated seeds back on 11- 6 and 2 days both cracked open. Both started out growing but the the NL seed just stopped and never started coming out of its shell. On the 10th I pitched it and started a new one. 10hrs later it was open and starting its life. On the 11th they went into cups and used a different Coco coir that I had. On 11-13 they sprouted. Started doing ok but as they got bigger started noticing problems. By the 28th I made the choice and put them into their pots. Glad I did. Mistake I made. No kind of nutes in the Coco coir or a lack of them. Within days they picked up and now on their way.

1st pic - Breaking ground

Couple days later still looking good.

Pulled from cups and put in Octopots on 11-28.

12-6 starting to grow. Looking better.

This was taken the other day. Plants just a couple days shy of being 4 weeks old. First one is the GDP.

Just a pic of the units below


Crap. I messed up. Can one of the mods move this thread over to the grow journals for me? I put it in the wrong category.

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Ok first off I know I’ve neglected my grow journal. Lots of things went on and not much time in-between. Oh yeah 2020! What a year. 2021 not being better so far. What a bummer. :angry: But things will progress and get better :joy::joy::joy:.
Anyway so I flipped over to 12-12 last Sunday. Front plant had issues while growing. Ended up changing out my Cal-mag to one that has iron in it. Things getting better. Newer growth looking fine.
Took a picture of the roots going down into the reservoir of the container. Both plants look good down below.
The back plant i decided to just let go and did little LST on it.

Now today

Roots looking good.

Right now I’m working at keeping the float about a quarter of the way past the 2nd mark for now. Later i will take it up to the 3rd mark on the float.
Anyway hope everyone doing great.


How did you end up?


Sorry everyone. Been out of everything for a long spell. The end turned out ok. Could be better. Problem was having the the two containers connected to one reservoir. The plant up front just couldn’t handle the amount of water in its container below. I ended up shutting off the valve to it and had to keep the water level down to the first line. While the plant behind it took whatever i threw at it and loved it. I also found that i had to adjust my fertilizer differently then the plant in the back. The next time i use the octopots will be without the reservoir connected. I will not say the units are no good. I just need more experience with them. Not sure what the next ones will be in. As for now. I have two growing outside and have help this time keeping them happy. Lots of things happening and i find myself not being able to stay in touch much last couple years. And it SUCKS!