Granddaddy Purple coming down today and unknown sativa

The Granddaddy Purple is being chopped

but I let it grow not a big fan of sativa! 20201215_161318|281x500 she had a lot of weight so she started falling down damn Bud must weigh a pound Granddaddy Purple


We’re they dense nugs ?? Was it an auto

Dense AF

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I’m confused! Not unusual though!LOL!
Are all the pics of the GDP or are some of the rando sativa?
They all look the same and GDP is 100% indica! Not a sativa gene in her make up at all.

Either way it does look pretty, pretty tasty!


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Good catch man. Got photo’s mixed up must of been stoned lol. Its purple haze I cut my GDP early it was ripe but smaller. Thanks for the good eye.

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