Grandaddy Purple Harvest

Thanks I will do that.

Sorry but I don’t use Nutes,all natural, this is why I grow in 3 gal pots,I mix my own soil and it has all they will need for around 90 days but and I do just less that. They have just started getting hungry,LOL I just don’t like the flavor with Nutes.


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Natural is a good way to go I know what you mean about the flavor.

Hey man you are talking to an old guy that has no tech ability, aren’t you glad I ran top secret operations for your country in the 70’s on guess what,yes a computer,as big as a house,LOL I can’t find the form and I can’t seem to copy an paste it,laughing as I type…sorry where is the form?

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I did post the pics in a reply to @MrPeat @Myfriendis410 @kellydans @Drinkslinger I will fill out a form as soon as I find it,LOL sorry about the tech savvy not prob.

Out of curiousity, what is your nighttime low temp?

There isn’t a “form” you can fill out. It’s more of a copy and paste, then answer as best you can.

Day avg. 78 high 81
Nights avg. 68 to 65

I have just removed 2 - 2000 watt LED lights and it has dropped to daytime 73 - 75 the past 3 day’s and seems that the pistols are now changing and not any longer growing new one,this is way different then relying on nature to do the job as intended but it is a ton of fun.

Thanks for any help.

I would go with water and nutes, the ph is 6.7 almost continuously and my water is rain water at 6.3 or so. As for Nutes, I use a super soil and working on the pot size now,I think all I need is to go to 5 gal vs. my 3 gal, the 3 gal make it but I always fall short, I am going to make spikes for P&K on my next load, I have my next 6 in veg already to it will be the one after that, they are giants already at 3 weeks in my new recipe.

As for water they seem to be a bit root bound now and it is hard to water correctly so I think the 5 gal pots will help me out.

Also I had one girl in the pic if you are looking at her front far right she came out of the soil yellow, she is the only one I ever gave liquid Fox Farm nutes to and it never helped, she still produced some nice colas for sure but still yellow leaves, never seen a plant make it all the way thru a life cycle yellow but not ever sick,weird and she is the same cultivar as the front left, Super Skunk from ILGM, I did haver some probs with the germination on those, I got a great deal on five packs but I like to see better then 70 percent germ.

I will try and remember to take pics of the root system/‘s and post here, it might help you guy’s help me, I am a medical patient and I eat the fresh cannabis off the plant and freeze it for later consumption, in the past year I have dropped 30+ ponds, off inflamation meds totally, carpel tunnel gone, and have lower my dose of Klonapit by 1/2 q mg and getting ready to start dropping it to 1/4 mg this winter, trying to get off these pharms.


Ok @Spiney_norman @Myfriendis410 @kellydans @Drinkslinger @MrPeat

GDP from Robert Purple Mix Pack

Super Soil all organic
3 gal containers for 12 to 16 week grow cycle flower at 5 to 6 weeks
Rain water only if not available use RO and modify the ph if necessary.
No nutes but ppm is 12 for rain & 4 for RO.
Running 12000 watts LED full spec. At 20 inches in 6 x 8 space for veg & 8000 watt LED full speck at 30 inch last 1/2 of flower,just cut them down last week, I did have my calendar to show 8 weeks on 10/28 so you guys are right on with the 2 more weeks and that is what I was looking at but saw the GDP plant with Amber trichs. All others ok,
Temps now at 75 day 68 night avg.
Humidity between 40 & 55 right now running humidifier to get there.
Ventalation is 8 inch 750 cfm with 8 inch Charcoal filter
Room size is total 10 x 12 feet with 7 ft ceiling
AC, heat, humidifier never a need to de-humidify as of yet.
No extra co2 but levels are between 600 & 400 constant I have outdoor fresh air in on auto with temp set at 78 so when it gets to hot it comes on with fresh air outdoor if cold out and if not air conditioning on, works well and can control my temps within 5 deg. Or so


Has DHSS come to inspect your grow room yet?

is that 12000 watt drawing from the wall?

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@Spiney_norman no haven’t heard a word from them,what about you? I did call them the other day to tell them I am ready for my first harvest in the next couple of weeks and needed to know if there were any test labs at all and they said after Jan. well I knew that was the probability but had to ask, I did quick dry a small nug that I pulled to look at wiht mic. And it was kick ass,could’t believe it, last time I grew all natural like this it was so much better then with nutes I studied soil building and am perfecting it as we speak, that is what a lot of this is, I am doing quick harvest grows to perfect a 12 to 16 week medical grow for cabinet I will be building for folks and they will accommodate most handicap also. I do smoke a little at night, can’t work while stoned so just at evening to relax and sleep, I eat my bud every morning and it last thru the day for me with no conflict with thought process.

I think this load of soil will be really good, these are 3 weeks along 1 watering per week as of now and just getting ready to go every 3 days on them, I will flower 1 week after harvest unless it goes into Nov and I will just state the veg room to flower & move my clones out to 1 small led for a few until I can harvest and clean up for them.

I will upload pics of new starts in a bit, I can’t seem to get them in off my ipad

@kettle I am not sure what you mean,I have 6 2000 wat led lights and they are drawing power from 3 different sources with 3 timers as to not overload any circuits or timers. Sorry but on a tight budget, built my room to have positive air pressure as to not allow anything into room as it is in a area that the smell doesn’t matter. I can go to neg air pressure within a minute if needed, but have found I have more control over humidity, temps, c02 with positive air.

I have only heard of one inspection so far.
Apparently they just show up unannounced.
Im trying to keep this activity under the radar even tho we are completely legal.
All i need is for them to show up when I have people visiting and announce they want to see my marijuana grow room.
Perhaps they will change the procedure to contact us before showing up.

I think hes asking what the actual power draw from the wall is.
Some lights will say 2000w but really only pull 150w of actual power.
Physics says you cant get more energy out than you put in.

Here is an example from Amazon…

2000W High Power Series Plant LED Grow Light


  • Dimensions: inch
  • Weight : 8.0 lbs
  • Actual Power: 308 watt ±3%
  • Input: AC100-240V, 50-60Hz
  • Core Coverage: 3.53.5-44 ft
  • Lifespan: ≥ 50,000hours
  • Material: UV protection and fire-proof PC Cover + metal frame

So 6 of these lights would flower a 6x6 space at 50w/sqft of intensity. Maybe a little more.

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I’ve had them continue to throw white pistols. Especially right after a flush.
They do look hungry, but since you’re in the final weeks, I’d just ride it out. They leaves will turn and fall off but there should be enough gas in the tank to finish well.


I don’t use a full amount of nuts. I’m probably only doing a full round every two weeks. Just enough to keep them from being to thirsty. Then I will spend the last 2 weeks just feeding plain water and also some sugar water every three days.

My first crop using only water and water with some sugar for the last two weeks has been a game changer. My Blue Dream actually smells of a sweet blueberry smell.

That is way over my head,sorry but here is the lights I ran this time.



LED Grow Light 2000W - Apelila New Version Full Spectrum Led Growing Lamp for Hydroponic Indoor Plants Veg and Flower

Actual power: 220W

LED Chip: 228pcs main LEDs , 4pcs UVA LEDs, 8pcs assisted LEDs

LEDs Beam Angle: 120 degree

Main LED Chip Spectrum: 410nm-800nm full spectrum

Main LED Chip Peak Wavelength: 450nm and 660nm

UVA LEDs Spectrum: 380nm-405nm

Assisted LED Chip Spectrum: 500nm-700nm

Assisted LED Chip Peak Wavelength: 550nm

Power Consumption:1A120VAC/0.5A240VAC

Input power: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz Power Factor: >0.9

Light total photon flux: 350 μmol/S

Light PPF(efficiency): 1.60μmol/J

Light Spectrum: 380nm~800nm full spectrum including 450nm/660nm/730nm

Light Blue-Purple/Orange-Red Rate at Vegetative : 1:4

Light Blue-Purple/Orange-Red Rate at Flower : 1:6

Light Best For:Germinating,Seedling,Vegetative,Flowering and Fruiting plants during growth and flower stage

Light Mounting Height: 10-30in above canopy

Light PPFD (μmol/ m²/s ) (stage: h=mounting height A=canopy coverage ): 400 μmol/m²/s (Vegetative: h=20in A=4X2ft) 550 μmol /m²/s (Flower: h=16in A=2.2X2ft)

Light Operating Temperature: -20℃ t0 40 ℃

Light Operation place: indoor

Light Heat dissipation method: active fan cooling

LED chip soldering pad temperature: 70℃ (at room temperature 28℃)

Power Driver: aluminum housing and Thermal sealant

Warranty: 2 Years

Light Net Weight: 2.5kg , 9lbs

Light Dimension: mm-350(L)x210(W)x60(H) in -13.78(L)x8.27(W)x2.36(H)

I have 2 of those right now and 1 Bestva 2000 & 1 Phizon 1200 so I am runing 4 lamps now,I did take down 2 of the first ones I sent the specs of and I will send these also, I will need to get all this corrected for my next flower, they are 3 weeks in veg now.

This is for the Bestva, it is my favorite light, this is my first legal grow,hint


  • Dimension: 20.66x8.46x2.36 inches
  • Replaces a 1400 watt HPS/MH
  • Item Weight: 10.36 pounds
  • LEDs Angle: 120°
  • 200pcs Dual-Chip 10W Bridgelux/Epileds LEDs
  • Avg. Power Draw: 390W
  • Input Voltage: AC85-265V
  • Working Temp: -68~104℉
  • Frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Lifespan: 100,000 hours

This is for the Phlizon

1200W High Power Series Plant LED Grow Light


  • Dimensions: inch
  • Weight : 6.1lbs
  • Actual Power: 191watt ±3%
  • Input: AC100-240V, 50-60Hz
  • Core Coverage: 22 ft - 2.52.5 ft
  • Lifespan: ≥ 50,000hours
  • Material: UV protection and fire-proof PC Cover + metal frame

I really appreciate the help,I do want to stay natural with my soil no nutes & I also have 4 more 6 in total of the first lights I sent,they are on amazon and couldn’t pass up the price at $88.00 per light

So I have 6 Apelila 2000, 1 Phlizon 1200, 1 Bestva 2000, all of the lights are full spectrum with ir chips and seem to do great.

Yes we are the same, only my wife & I know all about it, others in my family know I use for meds but don’t know I have a license to grow, here are some pics of my new up and coming babes, they are sweet looking girls for just 3 weeks, way better then what I had for the ones we are working on, also I did see that the amber was on the sugars and doesn’t seem to be changing but since I cut the light back (thanks) they have stopped growing new pistols and now are changing rapidly, my calendar date to even start to look is this weekend and my estimated harvest is on 10/28 that will be 8 weeks of flower anyway.