Grandaddy Purple Harvest

Love some old school skunk bud :sunglasses: You do a serious lollipop on your ladies, curiosity is getting me, may I ask about your gardening methods? They are picturesque :grin::+1:

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Be careful:

6 plants/person and a max of 12 plants. 10oz in your home

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@DVM Hey Thumper, those are Super Skunk by ILGM thanks my gardening is all natural and the soil is super soil simular to what is found in a book you have to read,those really don’t look all that good because I was trying a different mix of amendments in my soil and was a bit needy. The method is called TLO True Living Organics by The Rev I was already growing natural but if you follow his soil recipe you will not regret it, never feed and grow in 2.5 - 3 gal pots just water and if you can you would need to make a little compost tea a couple times thru the grow,here is a pic of them hanging right now,chopped on 1/3 3rd crop and one right behind, running 6 plants every 9 weeks I am in Mo. and can have 6 veg 6 flwr 6 clones but now I am just starting 6 skunk 1 seeds to breed with. I am allowed up to 12 oz on hand.

Just chopped 1/3

New seedlings Skunk 1 for breeding set in soil as seed on 1/3 also


@acort Thanks for the reply! Been busy told my lying, cheating boss to get bent. Found a new Job flipped back to a day Walker, my body is not liking the transaction. I am going to read up on the method above, any links for a good read? Never mind found it :wink::+1: The name sounded firmilliar :wink: Skunk mag!

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Great job.

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I’ve found that when using my soil PH probe that my Ph will be different at various depths and that how much moisture is in the soil will affect the reading.
I don’t check it right after I water but wait a day or two so the soil dries a bit. When it’s too wet like just being watered or when it’s too dry like just before watering the readings aren’t going to be accurate. When moisture reading is between 4 and 8 on my meter that is the sweet spot.
So when inserting 3” it is around 6.8
At 6” around 6.5
At 9” around 6.2 and all those are fine for me as that is between 6 and 7 and different root zones of soil will provide one thing and another zone another.

Just sharing my experience using soil probes over the last year running all organic grow. I don’t water to run off nor adjust my Ph of my RO water nor teas etc. the critters and the plant roots will adjust things as needed.

Not sure what soil meter you are using but I have 3 different ones and this one is my go to and is spot on and I have 2 of them just in case I wanna verify things.

Here is a link to a write up I did about a year ago explaining as I understood things back then as to how they work etc.

Always learning more as I go and thinking changes but for the most part this is still accurate for me.

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Nice,I actually quit using my soil ph meter, I don’t even ph my soil any longer since I am on the Rev’s 2.0 version of soil,it will just mess you up,my plants I am getting ready to put on here for the seed grow above,haven’t had any time lately so have just been taking pics every week in,just initiated flower Sunday at 6 weeks,will post later today I hope,been really busy at work.

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Hey there @acort
Are you still lurking around here?
Was curious to know how the Grandaddy Purple worked for your Insomnia?
I started some for my wife for the same issue.

Grand Daddy Purple, week 9, and is showing no sign of purple whatsoever, plant looks very good just no purple. Seeds from ILGM. is that normal for genetics purple seed not to purple before harvest?

You need colder temps at night (lights out) to produce purple color. Sometimes genetics are just not there even in strains that are bred for colors. But if you are to get the purples you need colder nighttime temps.