Grandaddy Purple Harvest

Here is the deal, I am from the old day’s when we used to pick a spot and plant, maybe come back a few times before harvest,70’s baby, well things have changed and I haven’t grown for some time now, I have a license to grow in Missouri but indoors, I started my GDP on July 4th and now in flower for 5 weeks,needed quick turn around for my first legal grow, I have never grown GDP before and never grown indoors, my plants look great, but the pistols are mostly white and still looking for a male plant, but my trichomes look ready,mostly opaque with around 5% or so already very amber, this tells me to pull them and go to dry, cure but the plant is saying not yet, has anyone ever had this happen and if so what to do if you had success that is, I have n

ever had trichomes do this to me.

Also I do look for the couch lock, I need sleep and rest so I so look for amber but about 50/50 usually unless someone out there can help me to a better place,that is just my guess on this plant type.

Sorry about the picture but my hands shake a bit because of a nerve condition.



Hey @acort, Welcome
Im in Missouri too, near Springfield. I have a cultivator permit as well. Growing for my wife who deals with chronic pain.
You can grow outdoors according to the final rules. I will find the reference if you want it. Its too cold till spring rolls around tho, as I am sure you know. :grin:

Make sure you are looking at the flower buds and not the sugar leaves. The trichs on the leaves will amber before the buds will. If you want sedation you want a fair amount of amber. Usually the pistils will go brown first, but sometimes they will keep throwing out new ones, especially under very bright lighting.
A photo of the whole plant and a full bud would help.
The waiting is the hardest part…:musical_note:


Here is the definition from the actual rules from the DHSS website,
A- Defines indoor, B defines outdoor

(12) “Enclosed, locked facility” means—
(A) An indoor stationary closet, room, garage, greenhouse, or
other comparable fully enclosed space equipped with locks or other
functioning security devices that permit access to only the qualifying
patient(s) or primary caregiver(s) who have informed the department
that this is the space where they will cultivate marijuana; or
(B) An outdoor stationary structure—

  1. That is enclosed on all sides, except at the base, by chain-link
    fencing, wooden slats, or a similar material that is anchored,
    attached, or affixed to the ground and that cannot be accessed from
    the top;
  2. In which the plants are not visible to the unaided eye from an
    adjacent property when viewed by an individual at ground level or
    from a permanent structure at any level; and
  3. That is equipped with locks or other security devices that
    restrict access to only the qualifying patient(s) or primary
    caregiver(s) who have informed the department that this is the space
    where they will cultivate marijuana.
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Thanks bro. I am in SGF, thanks for the info, I am going to have to be indoors for a while, I am an old country boy and I mean old,ha. I will take another look at the trichomes and make sure I am not seeing the sugar, didn’t think of that,I have to clip a bud to do so because of my shaking. I was stumped a bit because we always just had to harvest due to trouble or weather,we never looked at any of this junk just paid attention to trouble, visitors, weather and pistols when able. Being legal is all different. LOL


P.S. thanks for the rules, I had seen them before but my wife is my caregiver and she don’t want me outside anyway, and my back yard has folks that are higher then us and can see our whole backyard,not the country anymore toto.

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Those are looking great. I think you have a bit to go yet before they are totally mature. They will start consuming the lower leaves when they are doing the final push. Those leaves will begin to yellow and die. It looks like one may just be starting that.
Photos with natural light are better for everyone to give advice.
Just fyi…Missouri has this nasty yellow oozy fungus that will grow on mulch. Dont let it stay wet.
It looks like this and will grow overnight.

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It’s hard to tell from the pics under blurple lighting, but I’d say you have a bit longer to go. Especially if you like more couch lock.

Can you take a full plant pic under normal lighting?

I was going to make this point too, thanks. Welcome to the forum; all the way from the 70’s! Haha! (me too) how about an overall picture of the plant and a good shot of a representative flower? That’s helpful too. I also take samples from multiple sites and care in taking calyx and not leaf.

I used to live up in the NW corner of Missouri. About z80 miles from KC and I used to get treatment at the Leavenworth VA hospital.

Congrats on Missouri for passing the a medical Marijuana program. I sure do miss Missouri since Texas is so strict.

I understand about the shaking. Have you tried a Jeweler loupe? I hate having to pick small buds off my plant.


Thanks, hope Texas gets with it, I do have a jewlers loop and love it but I really like seeing the structure of the glands on my computer best, as for the small buds I leave a few popcorns on each branch, trim so they get full light and use them as test buds, actually the ones I don’t use I just smoke if needed after the 10 day or so dry,LOL, I love taste but sometimes you just need a bit anyway.

Thanks for you notes.

Yes for sure, I have a permaculture garden and get the dog vomit all the time, have you had it effect your grow??? I will post new pics of this plant/bud under normal lights today for everyone, so I will just make a new post on it in just a bit.

@acort I accidentally dropped 5 seeds into the toilet and luckily only 1 seed was lost from being una toilet paper setup for getting a tap root. Three of the 4 managed to grow. I was happy that they did. I did rinse off the seeds off.

I understand about wanting to see the structure of the trichomes. My sister loves it as well. I did study Biochemistry in college so those types of gadgets get my attention real fast since I’ve joined this forum…

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Ok here is a couple pics of whole plant and the bud found with amber, they are on the sugars, you are good,that is probably why GDP is know for its sedative abilities, amber is amber and it acts the way it acts, it won’t matter if it is on a sugar leaf or bud it is still an amber trichome however if that is the way it is then I am in good shape if I can make about 50 percent amber.

I am not sure about how this forum works, will everyone that replied see these pics, some other asked also, or do I need to go to each individual reply??? Sorry I am definitely tech deficient, we actually had a party line in my home growing up. Let me know if you need an explanation on that,LOL I really appreciate all the advise.

Also I did cut back my light a bit today, I took 2 - 2000 watt LED’s out and am now only running 4 of them so I have 8000 watts for 6 plants, that will fake my fall a bit more and might stop the new pistol growth.


very nice look to have a few weeks to go. My first thoughts they look a little hungry maybe a little NPK good luck finishing up.

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Everyone can see the pictures. Tagging someone let’s them know they was mentioned in a thread. Example: @acort

Not my indoor grow,
I had it in my tomato bed a couple years ago. I just stopped using wood mulch altogether.

There are a lot of growers here better than me at spotting and fixing plant issues.
I would trust their opinions about feeding and harvesting.
I will keep watching.
Looking like winter is coming early this year.

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Honestly I see three possible causes. Over watering. Nitrogen deficiency. Incorrect pH balance. But I could be wrong.

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Once the picture is up everyone can see it. Tagging people with the @ sign will get their attention.

You have a few weeks to go as @kellydans pointed out. Pistils are still white and pliant. That means more flower calyxes are being produced to bulk up your harvest. You can see an amazing difference in those last few weeks.

The reason sugar leaves are not used to determine ripeness is because they ALWAYS ripen faster.


Also fill this out please. It will help the Pro’s figure out what could be going on.