Grandaddy Purp Autos, Help!

Hey guys, second grow here; first autoflower.

Got 4 Grandaddy Purp that started off strong and now have taken a turn for the worse and I’m at a complete loss as far as what to do with them and ditching them completely is one option at this point. I’m currently at a point where I’m afraid to water them, give nutes, anything… so over the past week or so I have done very minimal trial error other than adjusting lights slightly which was recently and minor other things I’ll mention with each gal as this goes on. I posted on here but in a different section and didn’t get too much lead way and that was a bit ago. Ill try and answer as many questions asked and provide as much as possible but I do beg of help!

Lights - Covert-X 500
New factor to this grow versus the first go around, not too sure on its performance yet obviously but I measure PAR levels often and pushed 250 seedling early veg, 450-600 veg and then currently I have been messing with it in fear I may be dealing with light burn and trying to rule that out and not sure as of yet. Will keep updated if anything but for the majority of this grow its been consistent with plant growth and keeping the same PAR - averaged say 500 until the past couple days.

Medium - 5 Gallon Fabric Pots - 50%50% Mix OF Fox Farm and Fox Farm Happy Frog ( I’m currently debating ditching them for this reason and the condition obviously - the only difference between this grow and my first photo grow which went rather well and yes beginners luck is probably involved - My first was 100% OF with no Happy Frog Conditioner. Had the conditioner by accident and added to the mix from various threads I came across but the further I have dug into it more say no than yes. However my personal experience seems like this ratio and mix is holding WAY too much water and overpacking doesn’t seem the issue. As soon as I water most runs out the sides of the fabric pot and I even get them wet before hand which I’ve heard help. All in all this medium mix has seemed to just hold way too much water and perhaps this is all from overwatering… with much much less than I was giving straight OF. Just my experience so far and have others starting right now under different lights but no Happy Frog.

Ventilation. Temps, Exhaust and CO2 - I do HVAC for a living so I feel like I check out okay here in this department. However this light did seem to produce a bit more heat than my other so I’ve concentrated on regulating heat and exhausting it but 78 degrees is the highest it typically gets when I’m gone during the day and then when I open her up she gets down to 74 75 and stays there for the night. CO2, I have 5 people and two dogs in the house at most times so I know I’m not lacking… maybe not surpassing anything but that seems okay to me?

Nutes and water - Fox Farm Trio, CalMag, Unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses - Thinking about if I need anything to help this and have been led to Dolomitic Lime, Seaweed Foliars, Epsom salt, but like I said, I’m at a loss here, essentially watching them die. I followed a nute schedule I found on here and been following that with 6.0-7.0 PH watering’s in between feedings. No more than Half dosage and low as 1/4. All of this was 2 Gallon mixtures and divvied equally per watering schedules I found on here.

Planted May 31st
Popped June 2nd
Seedling June 5th
Transplanted June 14th – It went well
Week 3 - 1/4 Veg and Blackstrap on All - Roughly 500 ML
Week 4 - 1/2 Veg and Blackstrap Roughly 1000 ML
Week 5 June 30th - 1/2 Veg 1/4 Flower First ( First signs of flowers so I switched spectrums.
Week 6 July 7th 1/4 Veg 1/2 Flower Roughly 1/2 Gallon Each (This is where it all started going wrong.)
Week 6 July 10th Calmag added Roughly 1L ( was told on previous thread to add CalMag and at this point I was afraid to water it. )
July 13th 1/2 Flower CalMag and Blackstrap ( Last time any nutes were given. Straight 6.0 Water going in now. )
Confusion at this point. Pots always seemed heavy at this point as well. Took awhile to dry out before I did any flushing or normal watering’s from pot weight. 5 Days essentially. Tried flushing the worst one and waited on others to dry out before a normal watering with some runoff flush to read PH which was lowest 5.8.

This one seems to be the worst and I assumed it was lack of Phosphorus and Potassium due to lockout from overwatering? Like I said I feel like this medium is hurting me but I also am here because I have no idea what’s going on haha.

This one seems the healthiest but small and not very active.

This one is the tallest guy I have due to my trial of no LST and with LST. Which I quickly saw the difference. Seemed like this showed the most Ca and Ma burn spotting at first than the rest but leveled out to what it is now.

This one seemed to react very well to LST and has been the same more or less but yellowing has been the major issue. Perhaps its normal but this one and all of them really just seem so pale?

I have pictures of basically the entire process if that helps or any more are needed I’m more than happy to provide and like I mentioned and info I left out or yall may want I’ll try my hardest to provide but I beg of help! Thank you guys all in advance! This is killingggg meeeee!



Anyone I could possibly Tag?

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When in doubt I tag @hellraiser
And @PurpNGold74 knows his stuff too


Thanks for the tag @Mr_Wormwood

@tbrit007 sorry for all the bad luck man. Sometimes they just struggle. But that first pic is screaming PK deficiency.

The other all show various problems. Nothing just insane but it seems they are either locked out, or just hungry.

Do you have pH and ppm meter? How have the ppm runoffs been looking? Steady rise im assuming


Yep, they hungry - not taking in nutrients, either because there isn’t enough in the soil or ph lockout is preventing nutrient up-take. With pH runoff of 5.8 not so bad so maybe just need to feed them up some.

Not sure what this means, how much exactly of each of the FF nutes did you give per gallon of water?

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Did you use Happy Frog Soil Conditioner or Happy Frog potting soil. The potting soil comes in dark brown bag and the soil conditioner comes in a yellow bag. If you used the soil conditioner that may be why your results aren’t what you expect.

The Happy Frog Soil Conditioner is typically used to recondition garden soil.

@PurpNGold74 I do own both meters yes, just got my PPM meter in so haven’t had a chance to really measure it yet but runoff PH has roughly been 5.8 - 6.0 which has been awhile because I’m not sure what exactly to do if they seem like they aren’t drinking as it is, with pots feeling heavy always I was afraid to add any water.

@Hellraiser About 5 ML per gallon.

@CMichGrower Yellow bag which I’m really thinking is what’s going on here? Like I said I’m by no means an expert but I feel like I’m not doing anything wrong here per say. Just trial error and fine tuning so to speak but… this is like I’m afraid to try anything… It just seems like they aren’t drinking like they should be. Could light stress have been a factor? They are on 24 hours since birth.

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How many ppms should I be searching for?

That’s a lot of light with no rest, not saying that is the problem but I’d give them some night

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okay cool deal will dial them back a bit. 20/4 or 18/6?

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I’d go 18/6


Thanks everyone for the advice and help by the way. I have switched to 18/6 and made other adjustments with everyone’s advice, so going to see how it goes and I’ll post back with any updates, hopefully good!

Honestly gave the ragged girl some PK and she already seems to be turning up. Others seem to be reacting well to 6.0 PH water.

Thanks everyone once again!

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Tell me how she looks after some rest from the light please I will be curious about it

@Mr_Wormwood @PurpNGold74 @Hellraiser

Just wanted to post an update for you guys and let you know how it is turning out.

All seems okay minus that worse gal who seems much healthier just won’t yield too much I would assume.

Anyways, thanks again guys!


Looks like you are going to have a very nice harvest when the time comes

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Looking good!

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They are coming on around!

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