Grand🐇 Jane Grows

Yep, she’s pretty awesome :love_you_gesture:

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Have you ever tried Diatomaceous Earth? It’s powdery and after I till in the Misquote bits I layer the top. It’ll weep through your medium destroying the exoskeleton. I was infested this summer, thank you mosquito bits, DE and Capt Jacks :love_you_gesture:


I use DE outdoors but haven’t tried indoors since it is messy. I battle earwigs outside. They munch on my sunflowers, squash, corn and butterfly bushes. I put a ring around each plant and then got this little $3 powder hand pump thingy for dusting leaves. Unfortunately hubs packed all my gardening stuff in the shed where I can’t get to it!


Right on, I’ll have to use that on my wife’s sun room plants. Thanks Jane :love_you_gesture:


But if they don’t respond to the bits I’ll tear that shed apart!


I think my gnats are getting an immunity to the bits or I haven’t been using enough when soaking them, they do sell the chemical from the bits in a powder I might try it once I use up the ton of bits I have :laughing:


11/3/21 Update:

I spent a lot of time pouring over living soil threads yesterday and have a lot learn!

I read about crop covers and mulch. I thought “I have Lemon Clover”. But then searching Oxalis stricta it is considered a weed and the bane of nurseries and not a nitrogen fixer! I realized I could use my dried sunflower stalks as mulch. As soon as the sun dries out the dew I’ll be chopping a few.

While in the garden I dug up a sage plant and put it in the tent. The smell is supposed to be an insect repellant.

Lo and behold! I found one of my neglected clones hanging on for dear life with a little bit of green and a pinky sized bud. I have found a Gary! We’ll see what earthdust, warm temps, humidity, living soil and light do for this sad creature. I am sure it will be a messy reveg if it survives, but all I can do is try.

Still have to rake in some mosquito bits. I cleared out the closet for my new tent. Now it is the waiting game for everything to arrive.

Hoppy grows to you my friends! :rabbit2: Jane


I’ve been thinking about doing some kind of mulch. I was wondering how something like that landscape fabric cut to fit the top with a slit to accommodate the plant :thinking: I don’t know much about the fabric but I can read kinda :sweat_smile:


Oh and I almost forgot to mention Ms Bunny just found her new Gary :laughing:


I had a bad Fungus gnats problem , I used neem oil , captain jacks and DE in rotation. It absolutely didn’t work. Then I used nematodes sf , problem solved


I will look into the nematodes. I did buy more bits and some CJDB.

Can’t wait to post a picture for @Mr_Wormwood !

Snowing this past weekend and 71F tomorrow?


Lol we are supposed to be be getting snow here too pretty soon

I think they got it in the south towns but I’m in the northtowns ha ha

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We might get a few flakes but noting to stick probably lol

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ILGM doesn’t have kandy land seeds do they?

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Not that I have seen. I found a cool site where you provide clones to them and they provide clones and product to vets. Something I would definitely support, but they want three+ years of growing experience.

LOL I wonder if all my failed attempts before this site would count?


A buddy of mine is trying to find some but I couldn’t find any anywhere for him.

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I am going to give them a call since I’ll be pulling too many clones to support this grow. Wish I could help your buddy.

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Does he want to grow or just get product? I can check their site again.

And is he in a legal state?

All set to follow you down the bunny hole!! Sounds like it’s gonna be fun!!
We used to get a thing called snow here in the mid-Atlantic region. It’s that white stuff, kinda cold and wet, right? The memory isn’t what it used to be…LOL!
Seriously. we might get a couple of 6-7" snows a season now and days but not much more.
Up til the mid to late 80’s we used to get big snows, but since then they’re becoming less frequent, sadly. It’s a great renewal for the earth, above and below ground.
By comparison, we just had our first lite frost this morning.

Best of luck on Your grow and Everyone’s!!
I’ll be watching!!

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