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I had ilgm trainwreck. Super good smoke but I had some germ issues. All got fixed for the non germ ones but it was super smoke for the few I got to grow.


The last Trainwreck I grew hubs taste tested so much I did not get a weight! I did get 1/2 gallon of nice sticky buds before the container mysteriously disappeared. I think he wanted it all to himself and not share!

Although some reappeared as a gift to one of his friends and the text back was “Tell your wife her Trainwreck rocks”.


My aunt was loving it also the only reason I ordered was to see if it was a thing like the trainwreck off the streets here. That was killer bid had a similar taste but looked way different so something along the lines were diff with the 2 strains lol. U wanna try good smoke if u can find clones or seed of cheese quake was the best I’ve ever smoked. U could smell the fresh. IDs and get high from the smell u lit. It was nutz


I’l have to go on a seed hunt!


Lwish I could get the exact cheese quake I smoked. It was so good. I smell it right now. The smell was just overwhelming burned ur nose to whiff the jar after opening it was that potent.


@JaneQP here’s my cloning process.


  1. Sterile scalpel
  2. Sterile scissors
  3. Clone Gel (I use Foop)
  4. Distilled water
  5. Root Riot cubes (if they have dried out in the bag, moisten with distilled water)
  6. Small mister type spray bottle
  7. Humidity dome
  8. Light

For items 7 and 8 above I use this:

You’ll also need something to support the cubes, I use sections of these:

But you could use anything that supports the cube - like a shot glass.

Use at least 90% rubbing alcohol and clean you work area. Especially the cutting surface.

I begin by choosing the branch I want to clone. I usually clone a topping (seems like a good time to take one, if I’m topping the plant anyway). Another good choice is a lower “sucker” branch that you may be defoliating anyway.

Once you have your target, make the cut with the sterile scissors, and then at least dip it immediately into a container of distilled water. You can leave it here for a minute or 5 if you need to. Once you’re ready to proceed, take the cutting and using the sterile scalpel make a 45 degree cut of the stem, about 2" from the top. (If you keep too much, it’ll just fall over)

Now take the scalpel and scrape the epidermis of the stem that surrounds the angle of your cut, so you will have a pointy tip that has moisture exposed all the way around.

Dip all of the exposed surfaces into the clone gel ( I usually go up the stem about twice the height of the 45 degree cut), and straight from there into the Root Riot cube.

Now you’ll want to trim the leaves. This will hep them overcome gravity, while still processing light and moisture, something like this:

Put everything under the humidity dome and light, and make sure the cubes don’t dry up, and that the humidity in the dome stays above 75%. (I mist the leaves daily, but that is somewhat controversial)

And in approximate 14 days, you’ll have roots pop out of the cube.

At this point, plant the entire cube in dirt, and return to the humidity tray for a week. You should be golden.

As I mentioned over in ZenMarie’s thread, so far I am 6 for 6 with this method.


My cloning process is very simple and 100% successful for me, always have nicely rooted clones within 2 weeks and often at 10 days, never had a cutting not root with this method.

What I use:

  1. Clone King 25
  2. Clonex Cloning Solution
  3. Clear Rez

My Process:

  1. Sterilize the Clone King by filling with hot tap water and a cup of bleach, let run for 4-8 hours.
  2. Dump and rinse Clone King, sterilize cloning collars (can do a quick hot water/bleach rinse)
  3. Fill Clone King with water to under the sprayers
  4. Add 30ml of Clear Rez (keeps water clean of bacteria - this is a sterile method)
  5. Add 60ml of Clonex Cloning Solution
  6. Adjust ph to 5.6-5.8
  7. Take cuttings and insert into a collar and place on the Clone King
  8. Plug in Clone King, keep under low lighting, walk away, leave it be
  9. Come back 5 days later and add 20ml of Clear Rez, good time to check for roots but probably only see nubs at this point. Walk away, leave it be
  10. Come back 5 days later and check for roots, if fully rooted than plant your clones. If not fully rooted or want more roots then add 20ml of Clear Rez and let them go a little longer.

Blue Dream cuttings placed in Clone King

1st root check at 5 days to add Clear Rez

2nd root check at 10 days, no more Clear Rez added as they are ready to plant


I do everything almost the same as hellraiser only thing I don’t add is the clear rez. Rest is to the T of his cloning. I let the cloner run for 3 days without touching it at the 3rd day I go to it and I just top it off with ro water nothing else by the 4th or 5th day I have roots. I don’t know why but it always seems that after I add that fresh water to the rez after the 3rd day they bomb with roots I do dip all my cuts in clonex gel as they get cut from the plant to seal the end from sucking up air. I used to dip in great white also but learned that the cloner washes that right off lol. The gel basically seals the cut end to not pull air into the stem while it does it’s thang. Lol. I. Red to bit the lotto so I can open up a nice grow spot/ dispensary deal. I love this sport wish I got into it when I was younger as I would most likely not live in Michigan right now. How’s the areas around where u live @Hellraiser ?? Wait nm u r not legal yet r u. I wanna be legal lol.


One of the most important things with cloning and I don’t hear it mentioned often, is to make sure you cut the tip at an angle with a very sharp razor and not trimmers or anything that will pinch the veins closed on the stem. You want those veins to be able to drink.


Recommend a sterile scalpel for that step.


I don’t believe the plant drinks thru stem at all until it grows roots all it’s absorbtuon is basically done thru the leaves. I use trimming scissors on everyone I do and everyone shoots roots no problem. I don’t even scrape the stem at all just 45 the bottom dip in clonex to seal the bottom up to not suck air then onto the cloner with clonex solution and ro water PhD to 5.8 3 days later top off rez with ro water only. I get roots in 4 or 5 days like this no razor ever pulled out.


It isn’t “drinking” through the cut. But it is absorbing the nutrients from the clone gel.


Didn’t you ever cut a celery stalk in half and stick it in food colored water in second grade? LOL!
Do it and see what happens to the stalk!!
Plants totally drink through cut veins but not at a rate that can sustain the plant. That’s why the humidity is important!

@Newt I guess it might be more of a seep, but the veins will be colored by the water so it is in-taking through them. Of course, if the medium is that wet you might have other issues. LOL!


It does absorb some thru but the plant does no eating or drinking thru the stem until there r roots. Everything is done thru the leaf. I’m sure it does help some but my cuts never set in water they have a mist spraying them always but it never sets in the solution.


12/13/2021 Update

It has been a while my friends. Too many home improvement messes to deal with plus trying to prepare for the holidays. I went to replace the main floor toilet - simple wax ring replace right? Well dang if the 43-year-old metal flange isn’t pretty much rusted out. I have a plumber headed over in an hour. Good news, the electrician fixed our wiring issues but now the 15-year-old garage door opener died. The hardwood floors look good as new. The oven and the microwave are on the fritz. I swear everything manufactured only survives 5 years or less and it is usually due to a board of some sort failing.

On to the important things!
I am on round four of fighting the great holiday invasion of spider mites.
1st attack - captain jack’s dead bug
2nd attack - 50:50 isopropanol/water
3rd attack - cinnamon tea - well really pumpkin spice tea since I could not find the cinnamon.
4th attack - “Ningacide” a bag of dried cayenne peppers and 5 cloves of pressed garlic, boiled and soaked for 24 hours. @Ning

I spray the plants taking care to get the underside of the leaves and all the stems, top soil, the walls and floor of the tent, the lights, the vent ports, the outside of the grow bags. I pluck any leaves with the telltale white polka dots and bag and toss them. I treat all the houseplants at the same time. An earwig and a box elder bug decided to join the party in the tent! I will say the Tangie OG looks really healthy - she must have an anti-mite gene built in. I grew a couple of Tangie crosses before and they were vibrant, good producers, and easy to clone. The force must be strong in the Tangie genetics.

All the accessories are ready for the flower tent but haven’t finished assembling everything. I am waiting until I have something healthy enough to put in it.

My Amazon cart is full of cloning supplies - thanks @Newt @Hellraiser @Mark0427 @Tylersays ! Besides MJ I have houseplants to clone for my child with the super green thumb.

I am too embarrassed to show photos of these poor plants now but I will take some for comparison later.

Hoppy grows to you! :rabbit2: Jane


Umm, just want to clarify that what you use is different from what I use.

  1. Don’t use dried pepper. You’d want all the volatile, pungent scent of fresh, live pepper. It’ll be destroyed with drying. Plus cayenne even when fresh is wimpy pepper. Use really hot ones like Thai pepper, habanero or any very hot kind. It’s the capsicin that will kill the bugs, there’s more of it in hot peppers
  2. Do not boil it!!! The stuff in the peppers and garlic that would kill or drive the bugs away are very volatile chemicals that evaporates quickly even in room temperature. Heating, boiling just drive them off faster.

Use everything fresh, hot pepper, garlic. Never use dried stuff, never heat it. It will kill on contact instantly. So make sure you spray top and bottom of leaves. Good luck!


Sorry @Ning

That is all I had in the house, and I had to improvise a bit. I’ll have to search because the hottest pepper at the market is japaleno. There is an international market not very far away that if I remember correctly, carries thai peppers. That way I can make true ningacide and kill these @#$%^&*!

Thanks for providing the correct recipe!


I understand. Even jalapeño is way better than FRESH cayenne or paprika, let alone dried form. Plants makes the spicy heat and strong scent to drive off bugs. So use fresh pepper and garlic even if you can’t get anything more than jalapeño. And spray it twice a week. These stuff only kill adult mites. There’s colony with eggs waiting to hatch out every day. So you nip it before it’s grow to lay more eggs.

At the peak of the season, like in the middle of Summer (or anytime for indoor grow under heater), I’d alternate between this juice and BT, like Caterpillar killers such as Captain Jack’s, Safer’s Caterpillar killer, Thuricide, etc. For example: my juice on Sun, BT on Tu, my juice on Fri, and BT on Sun. So like every other day. The BT gets them as soon as the hatch out of the eggs and take the first bite. The BT are bacteria so they are strongest the first day or two. My juice will kill the hatching too but capsicin evaporated out faster leaving garlic scent that they hate but not kill. I found out the BT kills spider mites too besides the caterpillars.

It’s a lot of work and I’m burned out and took a break this Fall/Winter. Hopefully, rotating the planting area might help


You are a wizard! Does BT=Bacillus thuringiensis? Sounds like a well-deserved break.


@ZenMarie Here is a link to my latest growing season - so far dismal because the clones I received came with spider mites!

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