Grand daddy purple

This is my second time growing GDP and I didn’t even get an eight of purple buds out of a pound my first try.

How do you get the bud to change color?

I’m in week 6 of flower and I see almost no purple on the plants. The only buds that seem slightly purple are on a branch I accidentally broke, but the leaves on that little branch are wilting and it may not even make it lol.

Having GDP without the P is painful, someone please show me the Path to Purple!!

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I’ve only ever grown purps outdoors but the color doesn’t start to really pop til the temp drops…

That may or may not be helpful.

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Lower temperature in flowering stage will bring out the color, I just finished one.

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Will low temps reach the rootzone and keep the plant from uptaking nutrients?

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What are you’re temps at night when lights are off?

It gets the purple name from one of its parents, purple urkle. Some phenotypes will display the purple urkle heritage but not all. Even with temp swings late in flower, some won’t turn purple.


Mid-sixties lights off, it has not caused my plants any problems.

temperature at night is 67 F. I try to keep the rootzone temperature at 68 F.

So there is a chance that not all GDP seeds from ILGM turn purple flowers.

The last one I grew didn’t. But then a plant (jack herer) that shouldn’t turn purple did.

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