Grand Daddy Purple when to harvest

Getting close should I start Flushing?


We need The Who, what, when,how. When did you plant? when did they go into flower? What part of the country? They don’t look like they’re close. I would say from looks it’s past stretch probably week 4. You got a few weeks left looks to be Sativa leaning possibly 4 plus left. You’re doing good though she looks healthy and happy. If you’re doing nutrients hit her hard the next two weeks plus then flush. What kind of soil yada yada. Great first pic. That b porn.

My Bad, flowering 5 weeks in Grand daddy purple my 3 Rd year growing out doors northern Michigan, best crop I have had yet…20 gallon pods fox soil mixed with some happy frog been feeding cal mag and bloomer once a week, they are 21 weeks from germination started flowering end of July first of Aug…

Yeah 3 weeks plus till she is done. My friend has some of GDP indoors week 7 so great to see in different stages. He’s going 9 with his. Hopefully it doesn’t get to cold up there soon. Pulling for you. Hit em hard the next week or two.


Thanks first time I have grown GDP what a nice look bud thinking I am hooked… got 4 going can’t wait…

GDP is an excellent smoke great indica. You can smoke this all day and be functional but it can put you down. You made a good choice. I’m an indica guy this for sure top 10 for me. Do you have any that are purple yet? Hopefully you get that as it’s such a pretty color.

Some of the sugar leaves are turning purple I am hoping for more purple…Thanks for your support, what’s your opinion on the whole splitting or drilling a whole through the trunk before cropping? Never done it before alot of people I know suggesting it…lol usually the ones that have never grown before, lol

@beakgeek just asked about harvesting GDP and I replied asking about growing GDP. Since you have grown it I thought it was another opportunity to gather additional info -

GDP is next up on my grow list after AK47 finish. ILGM Purple Mix should be arriving soon. Love to see a full plant picture in good light, How tall are they? Stretch? What training did you do? ILGM describes it as compact in it’s table summarizing its attributes. However, in its description it says up to 60". A little inconsistent and confusing wouldn’t you say. I appreciate any info on growing GDP - thanks.
I picked it specifically for indoor winter grow hoping the cooler temps and lower rh will bring out the colors

This is my first year with GDP I love it nice plant great big packed buds, 20 gallon pods with fox soil and happy frog

tallest one is about 7 foot

more pics… I am patiently waiting…lol

I’d say you’re in the home stretch last couple weeks.

just amazing Buds …I am in love…

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That’s a nice cola! What’s the tester like?

Very happy with the effects and taste, it definitely can put you in the couch if you smoke to much…look forward to growing GDP again

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They look nice i just finished my first indoor

This is what my GDP looks like.
Not sure what you might have there