Grand daddy purple scrog 1st time


@Momtomask yes still have the invoice and little bags they come in I have double check it and the invoice say GDP fem nothing on either invoice or the little bag that indicates Auto but these was replacements that I got with my White Widow Autos so I thought maybe they sent both replacements as autos but looking over everything they say fem I went to ilgm seed site and can not find GDP autos just to make sure there wasnt a mix up


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I really dont think you can send private messages @Coveup77


I would reach out to ILGM customer service and explain and when they see your plant they might have an idea. But chances are almost 100% you are growing an Auto. Very well I might add :wink:


@Momtomask yea after all this I think I should reach out to them cause I am lost as to what is going on and thank you for the compliment now I hope with all the fimming and lst I been doing to her she doesnt hermie on me if she is a auto


Dim your light some if running it at 24”. Try like 40% and gradually increase intensity.


Its under 20/4 and flowering

  • Auto put outside to grow and start over
  • Fem finish it out under scrog

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You have room in the tent.
Drop the light schedule to 18/6 and start your new plants in there. If she starts stalling, move outside. By that time there’ll only be 12-13 hours of sunlight anyway.


It’s an auto for sure but whether u put it outside or not is up to your circumstances.


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Thanks though


Im SUPER late. I say you grow her out in the tent. Maybe start a couple more beans. Have plenty of lighting now

And on the last 2 months i missed. Great work man! She looks beautiful. U got the light upgrade :facepunch:t5: And survived an invasion. All in all. Very successful grow.


Buds buds and more buds


Ok people to get your ppms do you just use plain water to get a good reading or do you water with nutes added in your water I cant seen to keep my ppms high I’m in flower did a run off with just plain water 6.5 in 6.5 out with 498 ppm I’m using ff dirty dozen at full strength can I go higher then what recommended till I see burn then back off a little


That means your plants are eating well. That’s a good thing! Just bump up the strength a little bit until they’re happy. If they’re happy now, ignore ppm for now, but don’t let it get too low so they’re hungry.