Grand Daddy Purple Lover

I am new to the forum but not new to the site. I decided to get one here due to what I read. I am currently growing a 6 pack in a closet. I am at day 29 of flower but I really have not defoliated at all. I am curious as to whether or not you all think I should pull a few leaves. Some people say to keep them all, because they are solar panels, so to speak. Others say strip em down to just flowers and their specific leaves, meaning no sun/shade leaves.

I will try and post a pic.


If you have good airflow through the plant there’s no need. If you want to manicure, you can as well. It’s more of a look thing. Some women like manscaping, some don’t.

Welcome to ILGM! Beautiful plant you have there!


Welcome to the community ! beautiful healthy looking plants.


Welcome to the site. I’m one who likes the results from defoliation. I remove a lot of leaves at flip and then another good removal a couple weeks into flower. After that I let them go. Air flow is going to be key.


Got it… I will keep the air moving.

Next question is when do purple hues start coming out? Should I try and cold snap the room at any point? What is the ideal temperature(during day/night) to bring out the most purple without doing any damage to trichomes?

At the end of my grow, I have a 10,000K CMH bulb which puts out a lot less lumens, but it is supposed to help with purpling. I will use this during the last week of flower. I am assuming that with the lower output, there will be less heat and I will be able to get the temps down even more.

My current temps are low 70’s and humidity hovers from 55% - 70%. If I leave house AC off, temps climb to low 80’s. I have AC blowing near closet with a fan blowing it in during the day. At night, I close it up and draw a blackout curtain. That is when humidity climbs. But it doesn’t go above 70. I hope that will be ok through the end.


If you decide not to trim, you will definitely want to get a dehumidifier. 70% rh in flower would really make me paranoid of mold/mildew. As far as color. Some plants will have the purple gene and her sisters may not. Cool temps can force the color but it also can reduce yield and potency. Other plants will start to change to their “fall” colors as they near the end of their life cycle… whem you zip the closet up for dark period. Does the temp go up? Seems like shutting off the cool air from getting in would cause for the temp to go up and not down


The temps do not go up much at night, only the humidity. I do have a mini dehumidifier in there now. I pull about a pint of water out every morning. But I don’t think it is enough.

What is your recommendation as far as daytime temps? Should I keep them higher, around mid 70’s?

I did defoliate one of the plants today. We will see if it turns out better than the others. Plus with the extra room the air circulation goes up.

I think you are correct, regarding humidity. Either defoliate or put in a dehumidifier. I will try the dehumidifier first but then I may have to worry about heat. But I think as long as heat stays below 80 @ night, I will still be ok. What is your recommendation there as well? What should be my nighttime max temp be?

Thanks for any input.

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From everything I’ve read it seems you want atleast a 3 or 4 degree difference. Cooler at night… if you are wanting to turn your color by temps. You would want night time temps in the mid to slightly upper 60s and 75 days. I try to keep my daytime around 75-78. Night time 70. Maybe touch 66-68 if I’m trying to bring out color

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That makes a lot of sense. I will try to get the temp swinging a bit more. I bought a small dehumidifier that has a vertical discharge that I plan on putting inside the closet. That should help bring the humidity down. But it will also bring my temp up overnight. But I can’t have my cake and eat it too, huh… unless I spend a bunch of money! I guess, since I am limited by being in a closet, I shouldn’t worry about the colors so much. What I should worry about is my humidity not my temps.

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How big is the room that your closet is in? You could possibly leave the dehumidifier outside the tent. Let it bring down the rh in the room and in return, low rh in the closet without maybe bringing your temps up alot


I am in a 12 x 25 room. It’s funny you recommend this. That is exactly what I did. Humidity didn’t go above 56% last night. Going to try and do the same today. I will report temp and humidity tomorrow. I watered today, so I think it will be a bit higher tonight.

Currently sitting at 77F @ 54%

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I know everybody loves the eye candy so here ya go…



I have a plant that is looking like it is done, at 5 weeks! So I am flushing it. I am amazed that one of these babies was done so quickly! But it doesn’t have good characteristics IMO. It is over 5 ft tall! And it doesn’t have that sweet smell that the others represent. I guess I am going to have to do a pheno hunt!

I am thinking a 50 seed hunt! That should produce a plant with the perfect characteristics!