Grand Daddy Purple Kind soil / FFOF FFTrio

Going to start this off as a journal so I keep it all on one thread. I am doing 4 GDP and 2 will be in Kind soil, water only and the other 2 will be in FFOF with FF Trio nutes. Growing on same 4x4’ side of 4x8’ tent under 2 QB 260 XL’s. Doing this to see if there is any difference in the yields from the 2 mediums.

Here is the starting pic.

  • Strain: Grand Daddy Purple (ILGM) Feminized
  • Method: 2 Kind soil; 2 FFOF soil w/nutes
  • Vessels: Kind soil in fabric pots FFOF in 5 gal LS buckets
  • PH of Water 6.3 carbon filtered water
  • PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable
  • Indoor
  • Light system 2 QB 260 XL’s
  • Temps; Day 88° Night 75°
  • Humidity; 40% avg
  • Ventilation system; 6"Infinity fan with 16" carbon filter
  • AC,In house ac unit
  • Co2; No

set to “watching” :slight_smile: excited to watch these grow! GL.

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All out of likes unfortunately but il be watching! Good luck :crossed_fingers:t2::four_leaf_clover::v:t2:


Good luck.

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This experiment looks cool, but would be so much more conclusive if you used 4 clones.

I’m growing over 40 plants now different strains, Different seeds. It’s amazing how much variability there is in phenotypes.

Good luck, I’m watching.


Thanks. Yeah we talked about it earlier that the clones would be the perfect experiment. I can always grow one next time and clone or maybe clone in the NL DP grow

I’m watching!

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This should be interesting, excited to watch this journal

To evaluate Kind soil vs. FFOF you should do one of each in fabric pots and one each in 5 gal LS buckets. Because with your current setup you can’t specifically cancel out whether it was the soil or the bucket that caused the efficacy.

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Been in water 28 hrs. All for have white tail out. I will plant in Seed mix now. It will be 24hrs or more when I get back from work tomorrow and I dont want them sitting in the water that long.

I had a 5# bag of Kind soil so I put the 1/4 cup in bottom and EB Whites Organic seedling mix on top.

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@dbrn32 I have the 4 QB 132 V2 boards coming an have Aluminum angle to make a frame. I have the hlg-240h-c1750a driver also coming. The boards are 4000K . Would they be ok for the seedlings? How high 24"? Adjusted all the way down?


For me this is the most stressful time …lol…but you got it covered :+1:


Me too. But last time I used the EB White seed starter and I had 100% . I also think letting it go in water another 24 hrs did NOT help. My house is at 78-80° so I am not using a heating pad. Just the cups with cup domes for now. Awaiting @ dbrn to let me know if the QB 132’s are ok for seedlings. If not I will put them under the Aerogarden LED’s

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You can probably be not quite all the way down on power, but something like that

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I have 6 new 5 gal fiber pots left. I could just do all four in fiber pots.

I put took apart the Aerogarden light and have it over the seeds.


Yes. Using the fiber pots would reduce one variable in the test, so that you are comparing only the soil types. Sorry if my earlier post sounded a little arrogant, I’m know grow expert by a long shot. I read it the next day and said to myself “aren’t you a bossy flippin know it all”. lolz

3 of the four have popped up there little heads so far.


Here are the first three.