Grand daddy purple.. growing tips?

So, I read that different strains seem to have different sensitivities to different deficiencies and nutrients overload… so I was wondering if anyone with experience with Grandaddy purple noticed any tendencies that would be good to account for? such as needs more calmag than most, or less nitrogen that some or whatever.

Just looking for general info at this point.

Indoor grow in soil.
5 gal pot
temp 75
rh 45%
18/6 light
fox farms ocean forest.
pH 6.5-6.7 range.
runoff last tested at 900ppm (500scale)


Weed is weed imho. The main difference between the strains is cannabinoid content, the terpine profile, and perhaps some coloration tendencies. The basics (watering practices, pH, PPM, nutrient needs, and so on…) remains the same regardless of strain.


Grown it several times. Hearty plant, but like Midwestguy says it no different than others.
Give it a good environment and feed it normally. The ones I have grown did finish quickly. Somewhere around 7 weeks of actual flowering.


Have grown grand daddy purple several times easy to grow. This strain has large fan leafs Early on you have to be a little creative doing some tucking. I don’t like to strip my plants.
Good luck :v: :+1:


@Rockdog62 I’ve recently grown GDP outdoors and have 1 going now indoors. I can’t speak to other’s experience or the genetics of their seeds but mine struggled with high winds on the hill I grew them on. I ended up having to stake them way before flower weight contributed to the leanings lol. My indoor is a monstercrop and has turned into a very interesting representation of the strain. My outdoor smokes like a champ though so I’m excited to see what I can produce inside with all of the controls at my fingertips lol. @Newt @repins12 seemed to enjoy it. :wink:


I grew 3 grandaddy purple earlier this year as part of my first grow in 35 years. Took well to newbie indoor mistakes. I pruned and defoliated hard and pounded it with newts. I just smoked the last of that batch last night…very good. It should do well for you. Enjoy your grow…and post your progress


No matter what we grow, each of these ladies are unique.



Grew one outdoors this summer. It was variegated. Nice thing was the variegated side of the leaves gave me a heads up on potential nutrient issues while the other half of the leaf was still a beautiful green.

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thanks guys!
one other question, I’m going on 10 weeks right now and I’m not yet seeing signs of sex. I sorta know what to look for and where, but other than some very small nodules at the bases of side shoots I’m not seeing it. Granted I kinda started off wrong. my plant is just now recovering, though it is fairly healthy all in all.
I’m going to give it another week to finish recovering and then I was thinking to flip it. or should I wait for the little hairs to appear?

Do you have some pictures for us? I flip them based on how full the tent is going to be…they will flower when they flip to 12/12…no need to wait for pre-flowering.

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Sorry for the light. Didn’t have the energy to take her for a walk after work lol

Wow she is a beast! Likely to get at least 50% bigger after you flip. You have some room if you are going to do some training…but she is certainly mature and big enough to flip.

I have attached a link to my Grandaddy purple grow journal on the journals tab. This was my first grow in over 35 years and the first with LEDs . You are training different, but might be useful for flowering stages etc. If anything, I put my lessons learned at the end. It is not too late for you to start a journal there too.

Thanks! very useful!
I am curious about the yield of a single plant. I’m finding the info about the seeds to be a little confusing to the uninitiated. the site says 14 to 17 ounces per plant. I get the feeling from your journal that it wasn’t even close to that number. but as my first real grow ever, I’d expect that the yields would be a bit lower. Also, it’s not clear whether these numbers represent indoor or outdoor growing…

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Yield is elusive…most people seem to look at it per square foot…not per plant. Then there is the “don’t count your nuggets before they hatch”. Growing 4 or 5 plants in a 4x4 tent makes the veg time less per plant, but reduces the amount of yield per plant. Growing this way, the least I have harvested (good dry bud) was 5.25 oz from one plant…the most is 9 ounces. I did have a friend @Skydiver that vegg’ed a Gold Leaf for 8 months…filled a 5x5 tent…and got more than one pound.

Saying all that…every plant is different…and none of us grow exactly the same. Part of the fun is trying new things and seeing what increases yield or quality. I’d like to know what you finally get from your one plant…she looked great in the last picture…good luck.

Inside is per sq meter, outside is per plant


Plants grown outdoors directly in the ground grow substantially larger than indoors and in containers. Root that can roam and real sun makes a huge difference.

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