Grand Daddy Purple grow from seeds to harvest

They lookin happy as hell buddy ,great work!

The stretch gonna have em fill that tent right up!

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Thanks bro. Got 2 clones in veg to fill in any gaps. :+1::v:

Day 3 of flower…

will do more picking and bending in about a week.


Looking good! That tent will be full in no time​:v::+1:

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Thanks man and the fun continues…:+1:

Best part now kd ,now you get to kick back and watch the development of literally the fruits of your labour!

:cherries::strawberry::peach::lemon::banana: :eyes:

:ok_hand:Great work ,looking lovely!

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cant tell by these pics but the girls are growing about an inch a day. Changed their food a tad and they’re liking it. Day 5 since flip.


Absolutely outstanding! What beautiful looking plants :sunflower:

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Quite the pile of staples. Never guess it takes that many - right? Nice Very Nice

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On point brother…:ok_hand::sunglasses::v:


@Happilyretired smoking a bowl. Happy Indigenous Day everyone! :+1::v:

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Bad pic was in a hurry. Day 8 done since flip. Tents filling up nice. Hope to give them final major hair trim within the next week. Reminder to self: Make it a point to set light timer as a priority after US makes it’s time change so your not left in the dark just as your walking into the room to feed them! :upside_down_face:


Filling in nicely!:+1:

Sorry I missed smoking a bowl with your brother. I was already down for the count apparently in my chair in front of the TV. I had my first sample of medijuana earlier in the evening, it’s definitely Indica dominant. :joy::joy: