Grand Daddy Purple and a Jack Herer

I’m not sure why my Pink Kush plant has stretched right up to the light which is barely 9 inches from the top of my tent I put her in 3 weeks ago. Same height as all the rest were when I put them in to flower the white poles are 4 ft tall I’m 5 feet tall it’s at least 6 ft tall will she be ok that close? I don’t think she’s burning. Not that I can see anyway


I would raise the light as much as you can and I would try to tie the buds away from the light, by lst… no super cropping now. :nerd_face:


Woke up this morning and my furnace is out not sure why grow room down to 62 because it’s light out at 5am . I put a space heater in there for now waiting for technician to arrive. You’d think they would work for more than 5 years i just got it in 2016. Yes I change the batteries in the wall control. Turned off the switch turned it back on, nothing.

I’m hoping she’s ready to come down tonight will be checking Trichomes again tonight after 5pm when she’s awake. They were starting to turn amber on Tuesday

If not today will have to wait until next Tuesday.
The purple is really showing now
Buds from the top
Buds from the very bottom


Very very nice pictures of some very very nice looking plants @SheilaT

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Thanks Backmoon. I do love growing weed. I also love taking pictures too it can be a dangerous mix. I find them interesting and beautiful.