Grand daddy purple 2nd try scrog


Yep, she’s started to flower. You’ll have buds to smoke in no time.


So far all I’ve done is plant in fox farms ocean forest soil which I’ve been told is already hot. So I just now started fox farms big bloom. I put 4-tsp per gallon of filtered water. I’m gonna feed her every other watering. This windy Texas weather outside will dry this pot out each day. So for most part I have watered a lill each day. Careful not to over water. I stick my finger in soil a couple inches if dry soil. A little water she gets. Tell me how I’m doing so far or any suggestions. I’ve only this one plant so obviously I want a decent a yield as possible.


You’re doing great, she looks beautiful.


I haven’t been growing that long and really dont want to give you any bad info but she does look pretty good to me but I’m sure @raustin can help you out a lot she one of the best growers on here


She definitely is a pretty little lady. Buds are in your not so distant future my friend. Look around the site. Try to start you a new topic in journals as to not clutter @Newb1 too bad. He’s right tho. Listen to @raustin. She knows her reefer.

But welcome to ILGM. And i cant wait to see pictures of your girl all big n funky. GDP is one of my personal faves.


Are you able to start a new topic? If you can, then start a grow journal and lots of people here, including myself, would be happy to help you get through your first harvest.


Would it be wise to take about 5 of these big fan leafs off to allow more light to the lower part of the part



Just bend and tuck them out of the way.


Id tuck as well but those are some phat a** leaves! Lovely…


Spider mite or gnats


Mites are normally lighter colored but not a knat neither. Need better identification tho. I :man_shrugging:t5:


Yea I will try getting a better pic but think it a mite (two spotted mite) smfh


Ok ppl sorry for not updating been waiting for my other plant to finish thought it she would have been done by now but she taking her time to finish up when she get done I’m putting the net in to start my scrog then will update more but will have a few pics up tomorrow in the mean time I having a problem with my ph being a little high 6.9 to 7.1 to fix this do I just flush her with 6.5 water or do i go lower then that with the water I’m flushing her with thxs


Hope to drop the net 3-4 days from now


She looks a tad overwaterd? I assume that was after her flush? Hows the pH now? And did u drop the scrog on her?


Dont think she over watered really hungry tho like all the time cant seen to feed her enough lol getting her ph down slowly but getting there and yea just put the net on her today lesson learned do it well they are smaller would be alot easier broke a limb had to fix that but will post pics in a few days ran put of time today @PurpNGold74


10 ozs off this auto 2ozs leaf and small buds for butter sweet it’s a little over dry but even still I will not have to buy none for awhile in to the jars today will pull it back out around xmas smoke this tree well putting up the tree lol thx you everybody that help me on this grow


@raustin your the only 1 I have seen that does Edibles I’m trying for the 1st time to make butter think I understand most of it i have about 2oz of leaf and bud can i use all that to 1lb of butter and to decarb 225 for a hour right


Yes, I think that should work for a very good high. The hardest part is dosing, so when you first use the butter don’t go crazy cause it should be pretty strong.

I like to decarb at 240°f for 1 hour, as long as you don’t go over 250° you’re good.