Grand daddy purple 2nd try scrog


I Germinated a seed yesterday it popped open today so im under way again im going to try staying on top of this Journal better then i have been trying to keep it really detailed from watering/feeding schedule light schedule height ph and run off ppms everything i can


Seed ilgm grand daddy purple fem
Soil as of now pro-mix with coast of Maine Lobster compost may go with ffof later in the grow
Pot seeding pot with glass mason jar as dome going up to 7gallon fabric pot
Light hlg-600 about 26inches from seeding
Rh 70% temp 80-82
Any other questions feel free to ask


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Awe, it’s a new baby. Good luck with her.


I just started an ilgm GDP, (I dropped 2 but one never sprouted). I’m about 10 days ahead of you.


I’m excited for you and thanks for the tag :hugs:


Didnt get a tag but i know a grow worth stalking now :popcorn: and :zipper_mouth_face:


Lmfao Sorry @PurpNGold74 it will only let me tag 10 tried tagging u


8-6 drop seed
8-7 tail sprouted put in soil
8-8 emerged from soil