Grafting advanced growers only


How about using different colored marking tape ? Loosely around stem ? You can buy packages of electricial tape in different colors
Just a thought my brother


Ingenious my friend. Can’t wait to see how this turns out


Good thinking just not what I had on hand :slight_smile:


doing more homework


added humidifier to my recovery chamber huge difference my first couple cuttings had wilted bad within a day so moved on to new attempts


Good luck my friend. Want this to work might have to try if it works out :v:


turned down humidifier was like a constant mist too much but all grafts have remained perky over last 24hr’s so doing what I wanted :wink: another couple of days and will move into mother space. Few days later will turn off humidifier if they haven’t started to bond by then they aren’t going to


anyone curious this plant is in theory now Super skunk, Green Crack, Bubblegum, Crown Royal, White Widow and Purple Kush :wink: That’s right a 6 strains on one trunk hopefully?


Ima scared :scream: @Donaldj hahahha
Nice job brother im watching


I am pretty sure some of them will take and those that don’t will get another chance once any that take harden off



I keep having a vision :crazy_face:


Adapt and overcome my friend :v:
One day I may get the space to try something along theses lines :+1:


Loving the humidifier addition I think this is the key getting humidity up and keeping it up for a few days while plant starts to heal today still no wilting with humidifier turned right down temps 67-72f

Giving them 1 more day in low light then moving into mother space still in healing chamber with humidifier for a couple days. Will leave them covered for next week without added RH

LEDs Vs LEC (Donaldj)

I’d say it’s going to take :+1::ok_hand::raised_hands:


It’s looking good my friend. She may hold steady, I hope she does :v:


I finally found it! I’m in for the duration!

This would be the perfect use for that light I have tucked away to keep my strains alive over the winter.

This forum being most of my outside contact, I don’t believe I would have heard the thought without you.

Thanks, Brother…


Moved chamber seen signs of healing trimmed off leaves and stems scaring over which hopefully means less moisture loss under lights. Placed 2 white plastic bags on top to diffuse light will check them tonight if they aren’t liking the light will add more cover but do need to encourage them to fuse so they need intro to light again.


Woohoo keep it up :+1:


@kabongster @FloridaSon
If you do try make sure to have a healing chamber built first pretty sure I will be rethinking how I clone thanks to the results I seen with chamber crazy how healthy cuttings stay in it will be making a better one in the future to do some different grafting tests. Next thread I make like this will likely be more of a quest to find perfect root system :wink: who knows may be grafting Cannabis to tomato for in my greenhouse?


With that line of thinking, what plant types would be potential hosts? I’m pretty sure my mimosa tree out back wouldn’t be a suitable host.

Or did I miss the sarcasm?..