Grafting advanced growers only


She almost looks fit to be tied so to speak


Progress report and steps in my trunk development Mainlining is slow

Defoliated again today

Followed by another training session to branch her out just the way I want

Think you can picture what I am shooting for from here 8 mainlines with 2 graft sites on each which will potentially hold a strain each :wink:
So no I haven’t dropped this thread just in waiting period


the old hurry up and wait trick!
looks great @Donaldj you grafted some other plants too right?


Watching and learning @Donaldj
Keep up the good work


Very excellent mainline technique. wish mine were that good looking


Takes so long to get them just right if I were going to flower it out I would’ve stopped at 8 lines and let it go


Oh ok. The grafting intrigues me. It seems that once you get the technique down if you have limited plant number you could have just 2 mothet plants with a few different options to clone from.


Goal is to have 1 mother plant with 8 strains the only reason for the 16 sites is redundancy 2 chances min for each line if both were to succeed most likely would cut 1 off since I want balance


Gotcha ok. Even then 8 different ones to choose if you had a good space you couple take a 2 off each and sog style them or scrog a few together. It leaves plenty of options if you are limited on plant numbers. Watching this, there’s not a lot of info about it out there.


Canada is legalizing this summer so I racing the curve to fit into legal standards which is get this 0-4 plants per house hold lmao that’s right “0” to 4 but assuming 4 I would have to change my system of growing or would I?
If I can successfully get all my mothers onto 1 plant a 3 light rotation can still work for me depending on what they class as plant?

Here is a positive sign my uncle got pinched with 1/4lb few months back went to court earlier this month they dismissed charges entirely. He followed my instructions and said quite simply not guilty and wished to be given an extension so he could find legal representation (stall) the judge knowing by the time a trial date could be set it would legal dropped all charges :wink:
That is where we are at with the legal system having no idea what leg they can stand on


I’m not sure about the setup. 0 to 4 huh? 4 is an odly specific number.


It is a governments theory of SOG grows constricting yields to roughly what they think would be a 3’x3’ space and average yield under 1 lb. I just laugh at the flawed logic since a single plant can easily do better but do have to keep in mind that they base the logic on old studies and very little idea as to what closet growers have been learning in their free time


Exactly it’s flawed, but it is the government so isn’t everything they do flawed? Haha


Well the time is near

Will be building a frame tomorrow to put a shroud over plant once I attache grafts, shroud will reduce light and help to hold RH.
Will take pictures as I go excited and nervous at same time :slight_smile: :thinking:


Looking forward to seeing this​:grinning::ok_hand::scream:


Built my shroud frame today
4x 1/2" T
8x 1/2" elbows
4x 1/2"x20" pvc pipe
4x 1/2"x18" pvc pipe
4x 1/2"x6" pvc pipe
2x 1/2"x22" pvc pipe
Will post pictures tomorrow but basically a 2 squares connected by pipe in the T’s making a box which I wrapped in 6mm poly with one side being a flap


Pretty simple


So I figured I would start small plant is ready for grafts

I market stems to color code strains with heat shrink tubes cut to slide onto stems

Starting with 2 Crown royal cuttings went over taper cut and split above since it was the successful graft I went back to what worked

I stuck with wax favoring a hot vape tool to apply at joints trimmed fan leafs from grafts. I will be leaving plant in reduced light for a few days and misting grafts daily

Hope is to reduce moisture loss while grafts attempt to heal any luck increasing odds of success. I will likely add second strain tomorrow


Wow ingenious


Simple solution to a problem how to mark strains paper tags get wet and 8 plastic markers in pot are headache to water around and after all stems are grafted would need pictures and reference points and honestly when I am baked too much work to keep track that way :wink: