Grafting advanced growers only


Laughing, has anyone ever tried to grow a girl in one of the Topsy turvy upside down tomato/strawberry planters that hang from the patio ceiling? Maybe a fun thing for the summer.
I know I dress off topic
You see videos on grafting tomatoes and cannibas? Whoa#!#


@Meatpickle there was a question regarding this. The short answer is not a good idea.


Well grafting to the post harvest trunk was flop will be playing around with a different trunk again shortly


Sorry to hear there. Set backs failures and successes are all part of experiments. Edison failed a lot… but he succeeded. I am rooting for you! @Donaldj yep. That was a plant joke.


lol I will make it work just need less woody trunk


Bummer @Donaldj, I know you’ll figure it out soon enough. :+1:


Keep at it! It took my Dad several attempts to get it right with his citrus trees. It’s a learning curve :+1:


Looking forward to seeing the next try


I’ve been reading about grafting for a few months can’t wait to see what the future attempts arw liek brother.


My mainlined Super Skunk being trained just to graft to is coming along nicely


Looking good @Donaldj I see quite a few plants tied down in this manner. They then out quite bushy. Is this method best done to a sativa dominant? Or do you do this to most of yours no matter the mix?


Most you see are super cropped or LST this is actually a different method in that they tend to take longer to veg when mainlining. At each topping you defoliate everything below standard lst you hide the scissors every time you defoliate days are lost as plant recovers and rather than simply tying down limbs leaving foliage which provides more energy. Mainlining removes extra foliage to create super stalks/limbs which are thicker and better provided for than standard lst which simply encourages competition of limbs mainlining promotes equal growth and distribution of nutrients. In this case I am creating a platform to graft to but if I were to flower the result is less kolas but more even nutrient distribution and size. Super kola thinking but since plants grown in this fashion tend to take longer to develop but can be worth the wait :wink:


Mainlining. Couldn’t think of the term. Yes I’ve seen a few do this. I appreciate the response and the details. Makes sense. Especially for mother plants, and SCROG’ing. @Donaldj


Mainlining is a great technique. One of my favorites. I’m actually mainlining a strawberry kush and a grape muerte autoflower right now.


Mainling or LST? there is a difference I tried to explain above and many confuse training methods


Both are great. I was specifically talking about mainlining.


step 3 of my mainlining started if the damn thrips would stop messing with my Chi I would be further along nut as you can see a bag of flower exploded :wink: DE everywhere will see how they like it either way progress is slow and steady once tops turn up again will get rid of remaining large fan leaves and top again. So another few days of waiting


Hope it pulls through. Excited to see this thread unravel


Hahaha @Dieselgrower, I see what you did there! :smile:


Does look like I have her on the rack