Grafting advanced growers only


This is so cool! I’m definitely gonna try this in the spring


lol I would keep up on this thread if no one was reading or liking because I see this as the future for people with plant limits and space constraints. Think of this thread as my notebook a place I use for a sounding board for thoughts theories and ideas that I can reread and go damn I must’ve been high that day but that’s a neat idea :wink:
I love the feedback and suggestions don’t get me wrong it’s cool to share ideas with others but a good chunk of it is weeding useful info from my mind while it’s inspired. This is one of the best ways for me to keep track and gain good feedback at sametime. If a tree falls and no one is around does it make a sound this records that I tried and what steps worked failed could use tweaking etc. While giving others chance to go off on their own experimenting hopefully without making some of my mistakes


The end goal already has roots and is growing I am patient but it doesn’t stop me from wanting to learn more while my true Monster trunk is being created slow and steady. Mainlining is a slow process without putting plant under my LEC’s my mother space is designed for slow growth rates cooler less light RH very low everything tailored to keep plants alive but frustrated :nerd_face:
So trying to grow a plant fast in those conditions isn’t very realistic to say least my plants nearly double first week under LEC after their holding pattern in mother space


I’m not I liked it for you


This is interesting @Donaldj a great way to have multiple strains on a mother root base to keep the genes flowing :+1::wink: I’m following along and learning


lol end goal is closer to 10 strains on one plant but currently have PK WW CR BB GC super skunk and bubblegum are too small to risk yet also plan on adding a few more strains as they tickle my fancy :wink: The biggest test will be in the future flowering clones from this beast will they have any genetic drift?


I believe you’ll find that certain strains graft better than others. It’ll be interesting to see which one comes out the clear winner. It might be the most well suited to provide the root stock for your final monster mother.


the closer the core genetics the easier the graft so most strains should be able to graft with persistence not like cucumbers and carrots they are extremely close in genetics plant structure :wink: I am certain some strains may be harder or easier since some strains are harder to clone it would only make sense that not all strains will play along, but this is where we refine and find ways to improve success rates the more people doing something the more refined process gets


update day

White Widow appears to have taken
Crown royal was fail
and Blueberry is still to be determined will simply cut trunk again lower than first graft attempts and try again in next day or so with less woody cuttings as @Usmcjojo suggested


Hey donaldj very nice, I see what ur up too nd it is definatley out of the box thinking, do you think like strains would graft better than “non family” strains? When I was In sacremento, we would cut the black want tree at that base, then graft white walnut to the top. Reason was black Walnut had the root system needed and wouldn’t topple over, white walnut has flimsy branches but is what sells. Perhaps starting at the base, and grafting from there would give you more successful grafts, as it seems grafting high the roots can’t decided which graft to feed. Just thinking outloud. Your doing awesome things though!! Ere’body’s watching!#


Lmao my goal is to add several strains or would be doing lower grafts


Glad to see someone has a sense of humor around here, I was an uneducated thought that if you grafted lower the root system would recognize as a more dominant feed, no matter how many or what strains you were looking to graft on. My thought was if you grafted the higher in the plant after harvesting, nd used the roots as the donor, the donor might see those as dead branches and cut off the need to feed them and not give the grafts a chance at becoming part of the active plant. I admire your mind set nd know you’ll get your project off the ground and in the master growers hall of fame! Rock on donaldj!!


Brother i just want to thank you for posting this thread
Im following along as I mentioned earlier learning so much i have a soace issue and this may be a answer fir me
Im in a not so legal place for now time will tell
Not tgat it matters iill grow either way right bro haha
But i blown away how cool
Thanks again my friend
:v:️ John :cowboy_hat_face:


I looked on the omnipresent giant search engine and the video website and found many examples of the same experiment. One one the video website showed a Flux mother with 15 strains grafted.on it and it all in full veg state. Alot of dabbling in this type grows going on out there for all the right reasons so go donaldj go!


I had seen others were doing so I am hoping to refine and help forum members spread the skills original ideas rare when it comes to agriculture. As long as we’ve been growing plants people have been trying to find ways to grow them faster bigger and better I am just trying to get others on board with the idea that plants are plants. So many agriculture techniques can be used with our ladies too and the next big thing in our grows could be something which was overlooked


Well said brother


We should never limit ourselves to just growing how we know works it prevents us from advancing I take risks with my plants in the hopes of finding new/old ways that work better. I don’t think the next great thing in growing is going to come out of a bottle you can use best product lines going and still flop it’s more likely to be something done with other plants that just happens to work


time to replace “that’s what we’ve always done”…change it to “Let’s try it!”


lol I think I can

I think I can :wink: remember there is a reason I said advanced growers in title if people decide to try new things can’t blame me and I share my fails and risks


You got the right mindset for sure , proven by your thread line. If somebody doesn’t strive to evolve, we"d all be in closet grows, sweeping dirt after each feeding. Who knows maybe we’ll be growing plants upside down from the cielings, lights facing up, feeding with aeroponics.