Grafting advanced growers only


Cool thread ! :slight_smile: will be following now that I’ve found this …


It will get far more exciting this weekend after I harvest my GC and have a larger trunk and will be combining reverting a flowered plant and grafting multiple strains at once :wink:


Can’t wait! This is so cool!


the results

that’s fresh growth on my graft :slight_smile:
Now the fun begins
the new trunk

Will be removing remaining buds tomorrow and root pruning to repot in a lower profile 7 gal pot. Love how healthy LEC’s keep leafs in flower even after bud removal she will have healthy foliage left on her :wink: making for an easy revert


Nice work @Donaldj


Ok roots got haircut trunk is in new pot with fresh soil and most buds removed for revert but since I am still in play mode and this isn’t purpose grown trained trunk will likely start grafting before fully reverted? If I get around to it today that is


Have been waiting for trunk to recover from the heavy abuse I inflicted on it but by this weekend I should see some signs of healthy recovery? In the meantime this doesn’t stop me from taking steps towards the end goal of a mainlined trunk holding 8 strains since it all starts from a seedling heavily trained @garrigan65 did a thread on mainlining :wink:

So I topped the taller of the 2 plants in picture above to start the process which will take me several months in my mother space (low light area) made for sustaining more than growing plants.


Where did you purchase your supplies (wax, wiltpruf)?


Amazing job! Well done. Looks like your hard work is really paying off. Can’t wait to see more. Keep up the good work.


Any gardening store should have both items but thinking cling wrap would work better than wax which stays super sticky when warm after talking with @latewood I have a few more adjustments to make which should help improve graft success odds.


Have time today to play so will be following @latewood suggestion defoliating remainder of trunk then adding grafts to heal in low to no light environment most likely just bagging whole plant :wink: To provide shade and humidity control


Only curse being to have no light I need to run heater for it


We used to wrap the fruit tree grafts in blu tack when I worked at a nursery in Queensland. I’d liken it to modeling clay that doesn’t dry out and stays fairly tacky. Might be worth a try, as it can be found pretty easily and inexpensively.


This is the exact procedure we used:


just the growth on the graft that took @3high5you grafting wax is similar to tack just stickier :wink: which made bagging after using a royal pain since it was sticking to plastic.


Very cool! I have never used the wax. Have had no need to graft since, but I honestly love your idea here and am following along.


And todays project

a cup full of cuttings all banded with color coded heat shrink tube (not shrunk on) White for White Widow, Red for Crown Royal and Blue for you guessed it Blueberry :slight_smile: all cuttings have lots of nodes
I cleaned up nearly all foliage on my green crack trunk

@3high5you you nailed it exactly the procedure I followed in my grafts except I used cling wrap pulled super tight to close and cover wounds then added small piece of tape to secure since my hands were wet from handling cuttings

before defoliating trunk I will note she was already starting to revert so assuming 1 of each strain grafts takes will have a plant with 4 strains :wink:
I then misted plant with wilt proof and covered with white trash bags black would absorb too much warmth clear may get too strong light so white seemed like a decent option.

Light was too much in place it was in picture so shuffled it further away back under my t5’s


Out likes, but I’m lurking along. @Donaldj


Read some interesting articles today on the addition of rooting hormone aiding in graft process however only have powders on hand atm. They have proven to greatly increase success rates with grafts on particular and tricky nut trees just a thought since horticulture is a large field it is a matter finding common applications which may or may not benefit us as cultivators. Sorry hobbyists :slight_smile: diamonds from coal


Great!!! I’m gonna need more space for a Frankenstein of my own if this works out like it looks like its going too. Bravo