Grafting advanced growers only


This is great brother keep up the good work and create that monster


I just watched a YouTube video on this where a guy had 1 “host” plant with 4 or 5 different strains grafted to it. His reasoning was since his state only allowed a certain number of plants, he could maintain multiple strains on 1 plant. This is so cool. I’m watching intently, best of luck with your experiment.


@Donaldj that was so awesome last night dude I love it sorry my stuff died and we didn’t get to chat much very cool show. We have fun


Latewood caught me just before I went to check my ladies were good for the night I was surprised to both get call and that I was able to get on podcast :slight_smile:

I mentioned that it has been done and the motive this is not an original idea it is a discussion and how to thread bringing awareness to the concept :wink: My goal in the end is to have all my strains on 1 root system/plant


I have a feeling you’re on to something big here I can’t wait to see you pull this off buddy so awesome


I think the funnest part will be when I get the trunk from my GC in flower revert it and try to graft to it that will be the real challenge :wink:
I am debating mainlining 1 of my Super Skunk for the task but haven’t decided yet it would be the best way to go since plant could be trained exactly for purpose


My RH plays huge factor too it is cold and dry part of why I moved North so definitely makes some things harder and bagging grafts can lead to mildew. So have fingers crossed at this point I won’t have to make a separate area to do grafts in though would be nice for cloning and seed starting? Just added expense and more lost space and power demand
Humidity doesn’t exist at -20c -4f like this morning


Yes definition helps especially having an advanced growing technique in the beginner section :slight_smile:


@Donaldj Im enjoying the thread brother
And you have me thinking lol
Keep up the great work
I think this will be helpful for all those who cant keep
2-3 mother plants going due to space or legal issues


I have been trying to get a advanced growing section in forum which is why though in Beginner :Post in flux this topic doesn’t fit any particular section we currently have indoor outdoor or hydro can be done in all :slight_smile: Also note topic title states Advanced Growers Only not saying newer growers couldn’t have success but that they may have a lot on their plate first few times


yesterdays inspection has grafts under bag still looking green and same nodes looking healthy ish?? lmao the 3 additional grafts only 1 appears to still have any life so assuming the other took since it didn’t dry out I now have a Bluberry white widow, purple kush plant?


Great news @Donaldj thanks for the update.


Awesome work! :+1:


Has been 2-3 days since my last check on grafts :crossed_fingers:
weather dipped close to minus 30 last 2 days and company kept me from ladies. As well as too much activity on forum have misses permission to put her old laptop in my shed :smile: privacy when our daughter is here at 17 she is too curious to be looking at pictures on PC around her :wink: Also my Linux OS makes some programs like SKYPE non optional without coding and may need to leave town for week in Jan to help my Uncle build his new grow room which means coaching misses through my plant care routines
Will do update pictures today on my grafts


I trimmed the large fan leaves and removed bag so at 1 possibly stable graft

will check later today for any signs of wilt


That’s awesome!


Awesome sauce @Donaldj great news!


Awesome sauce! @Donaldj Very exciting to follow along


No signs of wilt in last 24 hours so success now have duel strain plant and have established that the wax graft and bag are needed steps or simply wrapping splice 100% airtight with plastic or tape?
I think it will be most fun when I have larger trunk to graft to and can add more strains at once :slight_smile:


Keep in mind my grow space tends to have extremely low RH and cooler temps so other methods may work fine for others but the bag is a must for me