Grafting advanced growers only


Well hoping to have bugs worked out by the time I harvest my GC which is quite healthy and happy will harvest the bulk of it revert some and graft to it’s limbs and root system.

I could however if it works out well see myself training a plant grown sideways for just grafting to


That looks like a healthy root system for sure a good host if you will :+1:


thicker than my thumb at trunk yet still short enough to work in my mother space


“That’s a beaut, Clark!” - Christmas vacation
Very nice plant. wow. Well done


Actually looking healthier than I would expect not too bad for 2 days not dead yet


Going to hedge my bets today and add more with a different technique Meristem taking a cutting and trimming it down to only a few nodes (minimal foliage)
I am playing with the Blueberry as a mother not for any reason except that I can have my dad bring me seeds so if I kill it no big deal was on my Cull list to make room anyway so even if I have success it will go anyway :wink:


if it is success may even just flower it out for fun to see what kinda monster mix it would turn into?


we shall see :stuck_out_tongue:


@Donaldj :crossed_fingers:


Very interesting @Donaldj


the new grafts are mostly defoliated so far less likely to dry out before healing and bonding to plant the actual cuts are held together with airline tubing


This is just to cool!


that shrink tube was inspired, like it’s made for this function!


Dude i cant wait to see the freakin monster you create
Fyi @Donaldj just ordered my lec fixture 600watt :+1:
Thanks for the help bro


issue with shrink tube was recognized as fast as I used it lmao the heat to shrink it dries surfaces to be mated together. The blue tubes you see are actually silicone airlines cut open and wrapped on joints cling wrap would likely work better keeping air out but tube provides extra support until joint fuses


off to shovel snow then will get some update pics


all I got about the heat and shrink tube…


Maybe I am an optimist but I see signs of life?

Leaves turning towards light is a good sign don’t mind the blur hard to take a picture through a plastic bag :wink:


That’s awesome @Donaldj. :v::sunglasses::seedling:


could be I wasn’t quite ready to remove bag yet will be watching close to see if things change new growth is only que I need to take off bag