Grafting advanced growers only


It would be same practice I don’t aim to flower a plant with 5 strains at once but for genetic storage it has advantages


Exactly…I’d never thought it through as far as growing pot goes as my grows are almost always from seed simply due to the space/time commitment. I’m in Alaska and grafted up a 4 variety apple tree 10 years ago that’s still churning out “fruit salad”.


@Donaldj i’ve been seeing a tool on my news/commercial feed that does this …this is an very interesting topic for sure!


I almost exclusively clone buying seeds only to add to my genetics so I end up keeping 5-6 mother plants year round and to add strains I get rid of others


Just a reminder to anyone reading I have a poll going on my seed starting thread on which medium to start my Bubblegum seeds in

this is for members who want to learn different seed starting mediums :wink: I am confident I could start them in almost anything using same simple rules


Yep…it would be neat to be set up that way.


Watching this one, very interested in this subject. :+1:


These clips used primarily for grafting tomato plants were like the ones that I used for that purpose.

I see no reason why they wouldn’t work for grafting cannabis.

Tomato & Vegetable Spring Loaded Grafting Clips 100 Pack - “How To” E-Guide Included


Very nice link this thread isn’t about my grow it’s about expanding ideas and theories this is how people including myself learn and I am glad even if others find success and I fail lmao. Don’t expect too much excitement for next week or so as hopefully my grafts are healing


Cool clips…hadn’t seen them before!



Yeah and they’re cheap too!!!:grinning::+1:


do you use a hormone when grafting @Donaldj , cloning gel or powder?


Right on @Donaldj my bro and I were talking about how cool the idea of grafting is
Hey @Fishead check it out bro


@Donaldj Very interesting thread! I will be watching for sure! I am excited to see the results! Do you think this process could be applied at harvest time? For instance, instead of splitting a stem on a strong rooted plant that you are about to harvest, could you simply harvest all buds, leaving stem and root system intact, then graft to that? Or is it too much of a shock to the entire plant?


That is my first question, definitely keen to hear this answer. :+1:


Good question but I suspect I won’t because I am not aiming to make roots though I am trying to fuse 2 plants so a salve or hormone of some sort may be on market. The goal is assign a task to Cambium layer basically acts like stem cells they become whatever plant needs them to be in this case they should heal wound and fuse with cutting


If you read above that is my goal I am simply practicing and working out kinks with a mother at the moment


@Donaldj i was just asking someone who post grafting tool about the benefits of this hahahah
And to my surprise here you are soung a thread on it
This place is awesome
Ask and you shall receive hahahah
Im along forbthe ride brother
Im sure ill learn lots from tnis one
Thanks for posting :+1::v:️ CB


I suspect it’s the birth of this thread which triggered the grafting tool appearance but I hope to inspire some same as my shed build did to try different things and hopefully make new advances :wink:
This is what they call planting seeds for thought as I keep saying hoping people can teach me on this thread too or just put my attempts to shame, I am certain we have plenty who have grafted tomatoes and fruit trees just not thought to apply it in their grows

only reason says advanced growers only is I wanted disclaimer so if people try and kill a plant they were warned lmao


Well I’ll be here watching amd learning bro
Cant wait to see frankin plant lol