Grafting advanced growers only


Does this work with autos roots?

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No it would not, An auto is on a set time and will do what it will do and be done.


Ok, but if a photo was grafted to an auto… Has it been tried?

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It would die!
No not that I know of.

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Maybe I’ll try grafting a photo to a young auto. Or visaversa and put an auto on a photo


Good luck and let me know how it goes.


I’m not ready to graft yet. Too many other projects
But I’ll get to it


Grafting is a tough one it works bPreformatted textut there are so many other ways to keep a plant going its really because you can kinda thing or the multiple strains for plant number restrictions and wanting different meds… even then I think genetic drift still can come into play so it must suck to be a law abiding citizen life seems so difficult to follow laws by the book :thinking::thinking::sunglasses::sunglasses::japanese_ogre::japanese_ogre:


I’ve done grafting with mangos and citrus not across of course but we graft delicious mangos into Kent and dot mango root stock because they are super vigorous root growing strains I’m sure there are sooo many doors such as this in the canabis world like multiple season/harvest plants not having to start over


My grandfather used to do alot of grafting…he would take a cutting at 45 degree angle add root powder then cut a slice out of the side of main trunk on mother and add powder to it and used an elastic band to hold it in place…worked almost 100% …good luck!

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Good reading material, think ill need to try this with my mother plant thats still in veg. If i can get this to work id have a fruity pebbles tweed bakerstreet plant

Maybe i can graft a tomato onto a weed plant wonder what the tomatoes would taste like and if their thc content would be significant enough to cook with

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They are compatible

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