Grafting advanced growers only


There in lies the fun could a canna graft grow on a potato plant?


Had some wilty grafts today when I checked had let RH drop to 60’s so dialed it back into 80’s the stress hopefully triggered some bonding. The WW graft failed but it was a sloppy fit so not surprised I don’t expect all to take first try :wink:


Ok well after 3 days in the light RH 65-80% 68-74f one cutting was write-off pictures 1-3 have positive signs of healing starting to redirect towards light. Jury is still out on 4th picture with some positive signs but quite limp top and stem I left more foliage on some wanting Scions to have energy to bond may be a burden but cutting and trimming leaves wounds which lose more moisture. At this point will be reducing RH daily as main plant is hating it and will encourage any healing to harden and speed up :wink:
Will know within the next few days if I have to try again after a reset and if any grafts took ?


I find myself watching for the next update here. I knew this would interest me, but I didn’t realize how much.

Thanks again for doing this…


The Super Skunk itself is not liking the humidity in anyway with obvious signs of root stress and burnt leafs so won’t be staying in the healing chamber too much longer. Fail or success will need main trunk back to healthy before adding or trying again


well I failed I suspect because I moved them too fast into light and space was too warm for them will bring trunk back to good health and try again


?? All the grafts failed ??:confused:


not positive yet but most did for sure just not giving up until they are dried out but my best guess is yes will do a autopsy after a day or 2 see if they had any signs of healing or not?


real sad the grafts didn’t work…the only good thing about the failure, you have a few known factors you can change…

environment and technique…what else is there to adjust?


They got too cold my mothers which I took cuttings from are old I let RH drop too soon. Hard to keep temps constant in a shed with outside temps in spring hitting 50’s day and 20’s at night my humidifier was drowning SS with the moisture droplets on leafs. So next healing chamber would have a pipe to humidifier to reduce direct contact of droplets
Don’t worry I figured out all my mistakes


You KNOW I’m rooting for your success! I need a six shooter mother plant!!! Lol

Try try again…


temperatures are the hardest thing to mitigate…without spending lots of money for air conditioners, heaters, water coolers, sensors to turn them off and on…


I intend to just need SS to recover


Well the big thing is I use lights for heat and have 20c temp swing outside to run healing chamber in low light I need to leave it out of growing space. Where temps hover around 60f mostly though was how poorly SS responded to RH in the 80-90% range which had me move into light too fast


anybody can do it with lots of money…well, most folks could do it, some would still fail…doing it your way, a more self sustainable and friendly way rather than plugging more things in, is more a challenge of balancing it all…maybe a bigger shed with more areas to warm and circulate the air :wink:


We are learning from ya, so all is good Thx


I hope this is just a little hiccup in the process. I want to see you succeed at this. Keep up the good work. Please keep us posted.


Ahh that sucks to hear. Will be waiting patiently for you begin again. Keep us posted


I just found this thread. @Donaldj when is round 2 scheduled???


Winter I am a seasonal worker and repairing foundation on my house so barely get chance to check on my ladies let alone do experiments