Gradual yellowing

I could use some advice on my gradual yellowing of plants. 5 gorilla glue plants are 52 days old, temperature fluctuates 71-80 degrees, RH about 50-55%, PH about 6.2-6.5 ish, im using fox farm ocean soil, I recently added ILGM nutrients just a couple times, started adding Cal-Mag and recharge. 1 plant has lots of yellowing leaves and the other plants are starting. Here are some pictures, what should I do??

Is 6.2-6.5 your ph in or runoff? Did you check ph before or after adding nutes?

Tell us more about your feeding schedule with the ILGM nutes. How often. What strength…

They look hungry.


Thanks… I checked the ph of the water after I’ve added the nutes. I have never checked the runoff. Day 26 I added 1/3rd teaspoon per gallon of the nitrogen fertilizer. Day 39 I added 1/2 teaspoon/gal of stage 3 flowertime fertilizer. Day 43 I added full strength nutes. Day 46 noticed 2 plants were a bit yellow and added Recharge and Cal-mag. Day 49 added cal-mag, Recharge, and full strength Plant Booster.

What can I do at this point in time? I should probably water it tomorrow. Help

I took another couple pictures and I’m getting worried.

I’m sorry I don’t have any experience with that fertilizer line but I can say that after 7weeks in FF OF you’re definitely out of nutrition in that soil so feeding with nitrogen will be necessary.

I’ll tag some other folks who might have more experience with those ferts.

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Thank you. Question…tomorrow morning do you think I should water and use this fertilizer?? I took a picture of what I can use.

I would check ph and ppm of your feed prior to giving to plants, then collect some runoff in a clean dish and see what’s coming out.


If it all goes in with a ph of 6.2 but the run off is different what does that mean?

That means the ph of your root zone is trending one way or the other.

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I just added 24 ounces of water in my 5 gallon pot with nitrogen nutes in it. The ph going in was 6.4. I had no runoff.

You have tip burn on some and 1 is dark green but have not burn tips so if you are feeding same in all Think that dark green handle you feeding and others not so I going to flush whid ph 6.0 water some recharge in water and check ppm of runoff if runoff is high at hell flush down to there you are in nute program and if you run 300w lights you can not go after nut program they are after 1000w grow so you have to lower your ppm after your watts and size of plant.

All can be you overwater and if it Will be problem like this in start of it.

Look video Youtube how to flush and watering whid runoff.

Tell what our runoff is later on please

Not enough water then my friend.

Have you ever watered to the point of runoff? Either way, ur going to want to run some more thru there. Need enough to at least see whats going on in there.