Gowing under the same roof


A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

Do you have any mix packs that you would recommend for growing simultaneously in the same tent?


You can grow any of the mix packs in same tent
What limits you is tent size
A four foot by four foot tent is good for 3-4 photo plants and maybe 6 auto plants max
I personally only do three photo plants in that same space
To prevent over crowding


I’m looking at maybe a 4x4 hydro, with leds. I was most concerned with plant height and harvest times. The height I know I can manipulate with training but the harvest times are my biggest concern. I’m new to growing


I like to grow one strain at a time. It allows me to tune the nutes for that strain and they (hopefully) finish together

My first grow was a mixture and I had one plant that took a lot longer to finish. That was a pain because the next batch was ready to go but the ‘late developer’ was really tall and needed the light to be at the top of the grow tent.

Of course, Robert’s mix packs may all be well enough matched that the above isn’t a problem. If that is true I would be delighted - I would like to try a few different strains but my state limits the number of plants I can grow.


Yeah I kinda thought I’d be better off with one strain at a time. I didn’t even think about the nutes being different as well.


It’s not a deal killer but you may find one strain is overly sensitive and another is overly hungry. If that happens you have 3 choices:

  • Satisfy one, starve the other
  • Burn one, satisfy the other
  • Mess around mixing more than one batch of nutes (plus smaller doses are harder to measure accurately)

Obviously, these are extreme examples. Don’t let me put you off but you may find it complicates your grow


Especially when I’m planning on rdwc with one control tank. It seems like running one strain at a time would be best.


Then, sure, you would be better off with a clone army. Even seeds from the same strain can have different characteristics


What are the advantages of clones versus seeds


@Danfl21 if it’s your first grow, I would recommend maybe one or two strains to start off, and also be sure they are the same indica/sativa ratio or close. You’ll end up with and indica on a small table, blocking the bottom half of a sativa dominant of light. This was something I didn’t think of on my first grow and wish someone pointed it out. My tent was somewhat chaotic the first grow. Plants on buckets, blocking the light from others. It was a lot of rotating, but I could have had a better quality grow had I known.
Happy growing and welcome to ILGM. Best community on the web. Trolls aren’t allowed here, and we all want you to succeed even if it’s just a bag seed.


@Danfl21 clones versus seeds. Clones will have identical features of the the plant it was taken from. Seeds can have variables from seed to seed. Most growers here, grow from seed first, then clone the ones they like, and grow them again. You can keep a mother plant, or like me, tight on space, just keep cloning clones. Don’t forget to tag someone when responding so we get notified and not miss your response. Like @covertgrower.


In a word, repeat-ability. Pop half a dozen beans and you will likely get 2-3 different phenotypes.

Clones have the disadvantage that they don’t have a tap root, why that’s a disadvantage I don’t know :wink:

covertgrower and I have both had the same experience, a bunch of different strains sounds like a great idea - taste the rainbow - but it can be a pain in the ass. Even plants of the same strain but different phenos can be a pain


Thanks @Covertgrower and @DVM. I really appreciate your info. A lot that I didn’t really think through on the multiple strains. Grateful to be a part of this forum


@Danfl21 Please don’t let me cramp your style.

It all depends what you want to achieve. Are you aiming for artisanal pot where every bud is hand made by British craftsmen or do you want to punch out a pound a month so you and your homies can put Snoop Dogg to shame?

I’d love to try a bunch of different strains but I have a weed habit and don’t want to spend hours in the grow room, I also have a hard limit on the number of plants I can grow. I got busted once because I grew too many plants and that can’t happen again. Greedy, lazy & cowardly

I’d also encourage people to keep it simple, get through a couple of grows before you mix it up. Over complicating stuff can lead to failure (or at least nute burn) and disapointment


@Danfl21 anytime. Here to help. Do you have a grow space planned out yet? Do you have enough light?
That was something else I lacked severely in my first grow. I didn’t grow massive colas, but this time around I know they’ll be bigger at least.


@Danfl21 this is solid advice for sure.


Not really trying to punch out heavy amounts. I definitely want to maximize the potential I can accomplish when I get set. Also would like to focus on the quality and I think that would be nearly impossible running two strains on identical nutes. (Put snoop to shame :joy: