Gowing from veg to flowering

I really appreciate that you guys on this fourm have been absolutely awesome. I will keep you updated also on growth and progress :grinning::v:

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Plants look great!

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Great job looks great

Thanks alot dbrn32 I appreciate all your help and support you have gave me I hope I am doing the replays in the forum with the threads,if not please advise me so I can keep it all together and make it easier. Talk to you soon hope not bugging you :thinking:

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You’re doing fine. Keep up the good work!

@Jarnkat hey man thanks for your input and help on the subject it has helped me out a lot and I am sure I will have to call on you again for advice

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No problem anytime!!! If I can’t answer I’m sure one of the other great growers here will be happy to help and once you get comfortable and a couple grows under your belt you will be helping someone later!! That’s how we need to be!!

@jarnkat I can’t wait till I get a few under my belt ,I am a hell of a outside Gardner with trees, plants,lawn etc. I am always complicated on my ward and love to do it, the neighbors always say every year,YEP you get the award again for the best yard, I know :dizzy_face: probably TMI, but I hope someday I can help some like y’all have helped me, again thanks a load​:v::ok_hand:

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Hey[quote=“dbrn32, post:25, topic:29850, full:true”]
You’re doing fine. Keep up the good work!

@dbrn32, Hey I have a question about should I have the ballast set at 1000 watt now? Also I have read that you should have your lights anywhere from ,12 " to 20 to 30 inches away from the canopy so I’m no sure, obviously if light is closer your watts are going to have to be turned down,so is it best to have it at 1000 or 600 at this point and from now on. I know I know another dumb question but I have to ask🤔.I sorry to keep bugging, here is some pics from today they are31 days old


Looking good let me know when you flip them!!

@Jarnkat will do I think you said I could wait a couple more weeks so I think in 1 1/2 weeks I will,also I heard you are suppose to give them 24 hours of total dark before you go to 12/12 is that correct?

You can but don’t think it’s 100% necessary I would start dropping my Hrs from 18/6 - 16/8 - 14/10 - 12/12 instead of going 18/6 24hrs darkness then 12/12 but different people do different don’t think it’s hurts either way but never did just go 12/12

Running your fixture at 600 watts is probably fine for now. I would probably have it 24-30 inches above canopy. You have to watch where you get a good footprint of light and can manage canopy temps.

Another dumb question just worry about on the plants not up by my filter and exhaust fan correct? For the maintaining the heat.

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@Jarnkat ok I was wondering I have read two different ways, so thanks for the knowledge :ok_hand::v:

@Jarnkat so should I do that one day at a time or drop it to 2 days per cycle on each light schedule?

I do a couple at a time but like I said it is just another way of doing it. After you start growing you will find what works best for you.

Thank you sir really appreciate it hopefully someday I can help you out on other things definitely not growing but maybe somebody I owe you a big one

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Ya, the important part of your grow is canopy temps. Warm air will rise and you should be exhausting from there.