Gowing from veg to flowering

Thanks Drinkslinger I appreciate that.:+1:

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What strain ?

ILGM white widow feminized

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Nice fat leaves for a 60% indica. I haven’t seen that since my last GDP.

Plants look good. Little defol wouldnt hurt. Make sure your getting light n air everywhere.
I use a scrog net but not neccessarily as a scrog. I use it to train them keeping tops spread for light n air.sometimes i take the net off at flip if tgeyre cooperative. Either way youre gonna love the next part. Flip n buckle your belt. Its going down.

Beautiful girls!! I wouldn’t worry about defoliating right now!! Let those big beautiful leaves do there job!!! Just my opinion happy growing and good luck!!

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You guys know what they say about guys with big hands right … they roll the monster joints plants are looking great

Thanks alot bud I just not sure which ones to cut off which one is not too I know you’re supposed to keep shade leaves I did cut some of the smaller ones off earlier but my God they’ve just went wild in the last week so I don’t want to mess things up and I want them to grow big and taste and smell good I’ll just experiment with them as I grow more. thanks again for your help throughout this & have a great weekend

Yep I’m using my Cheech and Chong big Bambu paper :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:thanks BUD !!!

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I got my 2 fans blowing on them from both sides I also got a 4in intake fan coming in from the bottom heading in from the back side I know they’re getting enough air I turn them around to make sure they get light I also push down on them to make sure the other buds are exposed I will experiment with them & see what happens get more courage do different things I’m an old f _ _ _ kind of hard to make me change I fear it buddy just kidding I’llexperiment it’ll be better in the future I’m sure🤞

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Hey bud what do you think about the time have going to flowering on my 12 /12 lighting schedule I know before they said does it matter of the age it matters of the size just wondering if I should start to flip my plants now sorry for all the dumb questions just trying to figure things out appreciate all the help all of y’all have been given me and believe me I need all the help I can get so when you get a bit if you could let me know after looking at my plants in the pics I would greatly appreciate it thanks


Battery dead but will be back soon !! Sorry

No problem :+1:

If they were mine I would let the veg a little bit longer if your at around 4-5 week I would go to around 6weeks then flip to 12-12 @Ford12 that’s what I would do anyways you could probably flip now and still be good but if you want to get the most out of them veg a couple more weeks hope that helps you

Right on I wasn’t sure first time grow like I said I’ll give it till they’re 6 weeks into veg then I’ll do my thing and watch them go crazy thanks again


No problem if you have any other questions feel free to ask!! Only dumb question is the one not asked!! Good luck and happy growing!!

I really appreciate that you guys on this fourm have been absolutely awesome. I will keep you updated also on growth and progress :grinning::v:

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Plants look great!

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Great job looks great

Thanks alot dbrn32 I appreciate all your help and support you have gave me I hope I am doing the replays in the forum with the threads,if not please advise me so I can keep it all together and make it easier. Talk to you soon hope not bugging you :thinking:

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