Gotta move my set up lol

Well my better half and I started a grow 5/2 in the dining room while I built a grow room in an out building. I’m northern illinois so I insulated the room for winter. The size is 8x8 so the grow tent is 4x4x80 it will be moving in the next couple days. Haven’t decided to vent it out the wall or ceiling. What y’all think


I think you went pro style! Depending on where the exhaust vent is located on your tent, depends on where I would go with the exhaust (yea, I think I make sense to myself), because of the seasons in your area, you want it to go out the fastest, gives you more control of the temperature. Best of luck on your grow! If you haven’t invested in a exhaust fan yet, let us know.

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I got a 6 inch 440 cm vivosun I believe is has a speed control I haven’t used it yet

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Welcome ! That’s going to make you a real nice setup.

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Welcome. I just finished a dedicated grow space.

I’ll say this, it’s 3-4 times bigger than my tent(s) were, but now I wish it was bigger. :rofl::joy::rofl:

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To be legal we can only have 5 plants so the 4x4 tent should be just about right. The next grow in thinking about getting auto pots so we can do a little traveling.

I would like a bigger tent but I bought 2 hlg 260 XL and that was a lot of freakin money but I followed the adviced I got here and returned the cheapo Amazon leds