Gotta go away for a few weeks to a month, how to water my WW while I'm gone?

I recently found out about a family “issue” and need to travel to the west coast for a few weeks with no one to watch my White Widow that just went into the veg stage a few days ago. I have a 3x3x6 grow tent that is self sufficient for light, temp and air circulation but I have no one to water/feed her for me. Anyone have any ideas, links to articles or videos that may provide a home made watering solution? I was thinking of using a wick method from a Ph’d watering bucket but I don’t want my girl too wet for too long, she’s in a 5 gal cloth grow bag filled with Fox Farm soil and she’s doing very well currently. I also don’t want her to wilt into nothing in my absence. I don’t have anyone to watch her since I keep my grows and “medicine” very private. Any and all ideas are welcomed.

Blumat maybe?


Thank you, that may work!

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You bet! I’ve never used them, so I can’t give you a lot of feedback. But something like that is what you’ll be looking for.

We’ll see what happens, just bought what I think I need on Amazon, fingers crossed! Thanks again!

They are amazing :+1:. Check out my thread on my diy watering system

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Nice!! I bought one, it should be here by Friday. Thank you so much, I’ve never heard of the system but I’m glad it exits.