Got To Love A Trip To The Hydro Store 😃


So i went to the hydro store for a new 400watt hps bulb and splurged on some goodies. But no bulb lol i have a 400w hps a buddy gave me but it needs more than a bulb so not worth it. Anyway, i finally retired my old “not so trusty” Ph drops and bought a digital Ph meter. Also found some Pro Mix Root Booster at Canadian Tire so decided to try some out.

And some more of my favorites, BUD CANDY.
Anyone use the Pro Mix root booster?
And this is the Ph tester i bought


PH n PPM Meters are critical to a good harvest. $20 a set online.
Hint: never let the meter get wet past the sample line. It’s worthless after that.


I have 6 ph pens… I still only use drops… f those pens… just me tho… :wink:



Old school!


Drops are so much cheaper and they never lie… :wink:



@peachfuzz i totally agree, i am old school but figured i will try one out. But

Along with the new digital one, I also got a new bottle of drops just to be safe lol.
@tanlover442 im am not a big beleiver in ppm unless doing hydro. I like to think i have a good handle on what my girls need by looking at them and also ph run off can help figure it out aswell. Maybe when i go hydro i will try one but if i can save a few bucks on something thats not as critical as ph in my opinion . And i guess im still stuck on some old school ways lol upgrading my ph tester was a BIG step for me and took me awhile to finally do so lol


I grow rdwc and still use drops… pens are to finicky and always go out of wack… I dont trust them… :wink:


So far so good, its olny been acouple days lol
The good ol drops are always on standby if i have any doudts at all :thinking: