Got this new temperature an humidity


I need help on this I’m lost it says in and out temperature humidity and what’s this little temperature nub I mean stick


Whatcha lookin’ at?


and there’s a little stick what is it used for then u can switch it to in or out ?? Trying to figure it out


It stands for indoor or out door temp range. The outdoor temp range is larger but less accurate. Just go indoor.


Ok and what is the temperature supposed to be in grow room and humidity um what’s the little stick for on the end of cord


The little stick is the probe. Wherever you place it in you room will be the point in space it is taking the temp.

I move my temp/humidity meter to different spots to understand how it varies around the space. It will be different all over the place. Put it at the top of the plants to check your buds aren’t getting too much heat from the light. In the middle to see if the humidity isn’t too high and you have good airflow amongst the leaves. Or near the vent to understand the incoming temps. And so forth. Write notes and over time you come to better understand the environment you have created for the plant.

Average day temps are 78, 68 for night. You want the humidity to decrease over time. 60-70% when young and decreasing over time ultimately to 30-40 in late flower.


Ok thank you appreciate it big time so 15 is really low


Yeah that is on the chilly side. It’s not going to kill it, but not setting it up for success either.


It’s a batchler apartment three bubbler in one room 4 plants small kitchen trying to keep the water temperature low so I can run my bubbler I don’t want it to high right ? The heat is at 79.2 fresh is blown around


I don’t know much about hydroponic systems, bubblers and water temps.


Ok thank tho u answer most of them thanks a lot take care


@Sixpackdad has you covered on the temp probe and display. You should be looking at keeping your res temp around 68f. Air temp you want a little warmer, upper 70’s usually pretty good but will depend a little on lighting.


Just a little 53 watt sunblaster but my heat good it’s humidity witch is really low how there’s 2 bubbler side by side does the stick gotta be in the water for it to tell me


I don’t know that I would do that with your temp sensor. They usually have to be water specific, sealed to be submerged. If your probe doesn’t specifically say its rated for that kind of use, I would get the proper meter.


Yea I think it gos in the water it’s a hydroponic digital temperature thing magig it said it wAs for hydroponic growing and it doesn’t even show the little stick thing in the picture it’s got a sliver tip

BloomGrow Digital Hygrometer Thermometer Humidity Meter Indoor Humidity Monitor Hydroponics


Not sure about that. There wouldn’t be any reason to measure the the relative humidity of the water, right?


Yea I guess you hang the probe in grow room or where u want to test


Ya, but probably not in water. They make specific meters for that, I don’t believe they’re expensive either.


This one cost 22 bucks pretty good just trying to figure it out no it just for precious temperature checking


And the stick is to test the water I ask amazon