Got sprouts, when to move under lights

Hey all, I have two healthy sprouts in solo cups right now and was wondering when is the right time to put them under the light. My light is dimmable fyi. Thanks in advance.

Now :slight_smile:.




lower wattage or full blast on the lights?

What kinda light are you using ? Before I answer that.

mars hydro ts 1000 LED

And the size of your grow space? Probably won’t change anything but figured I would ask. I would say crank it…

3x3 small closest tent

Yeah I’d start to crank it up slowly.

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cool thanks skorpion

No problem glad to help. Make sure you get some pics eventually always nice to see how you start and where you will be in a few years.

oh for sure, they just sprouted last night and i’m one proud pappa lol !!!

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I remember my first sprouts , I had a couple bad runs with old bag seeds so I bought some ilgm seeds and finally I saw leaves I was so excited. Now I am different I don’t get excited but I do get pissed if they don’t. Lol like right now I got a skunk and a widow in soil, but my sweetberry is still trying to grow a tail stupid seed.

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I was getting alittle worried, but the seeds were good and had tails in like 4-5 days on one and like 4 days on the other using paper towel method on one and soaking on the other. Just wanted to see which was more effective ya know.

I do the same I soak then go to paper towels. Like the seed that won’t start has been in paper towels about 3 days so I got a replacement soaked and put in paper towels today so I better get one to start my luck they both will then I will have to find room for the extra.

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