Got spots on my WW autos

Can someone tell me what these spots are and why they’re there?

Kinda looks like to much magnesium but I’m probably wrong.

Answer these questions and it will help the pros to diagnose the problem.

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My bad…ffof soil 2 mh 400w each 24" above canopy, humidity 46 dark and 50ish lights on temp is 77 lights on 71 lights of, 4" inline fan and carbon filter, air-condition, spare bedroom not a tent fans not aimed at plant “anymore” just fed Cal mag two tsp- 3 tbls big bloom pH 6.4

I don’t have a ppm meter and not sure I could use it if I did lol

Seedsman btw

In smart pots 5g


Cannabis robs Magnesium from the bottom to feed the top. Your newer growth looks healthy so I agree with @MrPeat. Treat with some calmag or Epsom salt.

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Thank you guys