Got seeds frm my last grow


Hey peps hows it goin well my fellow growers i did a grow and i messed it up real bad the only one good thing is the seed i got frm it so i was thinkin there must be a way to knw which are female all the deformed one i took out and im left wid this


There’s a chart or search that shows how you can tell male from female seed. From me remembering I see a lot of female seeds and if I’m correct the seeds that have the indented ends are females. Let me see if I can find it for you


I found it for you. Here you go and hope this helps. I go by this if it’s a bag seed but other than that I just order feminized seeds from two reputable sources


If there were no males anywhere near the plant that produce the seeds they will all be female…if another female hermed that was near her or she hermed and self pollinated they will all be female as a male was not in the equation… those seeds are prone to do the same as the mother did…that plant produced alot of seeds if it were only a few I’d give it a shot but it would be a shame to grow them out and end up with a bunch of seeds again…your best bet is to buy some feminized seeds thats your best bet to get a good product in the end… but if you got the space try one out maybe it will turn out ok I’ve got some really nice plants from bagseed going rite now but they came from plants that did not produce alot of seed…


Thanks i have got a lot of seeds frm my last grow and ftm wen i see that kush was a male was to late but fine so out of them seed i got 6x blue widow kush’s now 3weeks in lookin good i think they will be female well i hope so


Yes if you had a straight male that pollinated your female and not a hermi then you could have some male seeds but good thing is the female seeds you do have shouldn’t have a hermi traight


This one mate @Covertgrower have a look at foto and lets knw cheers

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@Shuggz I am not aware of the ability to tell a female seed from a male seed. I also don’t have enough experience to know if there is. The best you can do is plant twice as many as you should, and kill off the males. I hope that clears some things up. Happy growing!


Ok the males im sure u can make oils frm it it jst dont have thc but all the others do u knw b4 i waste time on trying it @Covertgrower


You’re correct @Shuggz. The only way I was able to see male/female was about the 8-9 week from seed. You can see preflowers, or pollen sacs. Tiny, but visible.


Sorri mate correct on the oil out off male plants @Covertgrower or was it on waitin to see if balls come out


@Shuggz you can make oils out of male or females. However if you keep an all female crop, then you won’t have any worries about pollination of the females.


Hey people so how we doing can i ask who else is a grower frm my neck of the woods well im in the southeast of england it would be nice to knw or are all in the usa thank and hope to here frm the uk lot as well @WillyJ @Onlythebest79 @Covertgrower @bob31

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Hello @Shuggz I’m from northeast USA in New England I believe fellow grower @daz49 is from your neck of the woods…hope all is well…:grinning:

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Southeast Alaska here. @Shuggz


Yo well at least i got holiday destinations if and wen i come to canada ans usa blessd @Covertgrower @WillyJ :hugs:

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I’m in the middle of the good ole sunshine state. Where you come on vacation and leave on probation.


I completed my first indoor grow and found mistakes at the beginning compound into problems later. I never noticed however one or more of my plants went hermaphrodite and my harvest produced seeds. My question is do feminized seeds come from hermaphrodite plants, or will a hermaphrodite plant produce seeds that will only grow more hermaphrodite plants? I have read sites that indicate both results.