Got my seeds on time

Got my seeds in the 12 days as expected. Now in the germination process. Tried one using the damp paper towel method but it did not work. Going to try another method. It should not take more than 3 days to see a sprout am I right?

I’ve had a seed take 2 weeks.try ed paper towel method and after 3 days no success so I soaked it 24 hours and put it in soil and after 4 days nothing,so I put it back in a paper towel and after 3 days nothing so I put it back in soil and somehow a few days later it sprouted

I germinated my seeds directly in the big pots they’re in now. I did use potting mix specifically for seedlings. They sprouted in about 4 days.

Will try thanks. Don’t know what to try next

Thank you for your input. Will try again. Take care

squeezed the seed after three days and just nothing there. empty

Are seeds that subject able to time? Can they be too old to germinate? I don’t know

Yes and no sometimes a few more days than others. The key here by paper towel is, keep it moist not soaking wet and keep them warm not hot and most of all don’t let them dry out.


Mine took about a week to pop up in the pot after soaking 2 days in water