Got my seeds now what do I do?


I am a beginner and just received my seeds. They are feminists high CBD. My aim is to grow medicinal marijuana and make oil to use for myself. I have anxiety / depression and currently on antidepressant and diazepam. I also have hashimotos and fibromyalgia. Anyway what do I do with my seeds??? I want to grow outside in my backyard as I don’t have the money to spend on indoor equipment.


Read the grow bible at least two the three times , all the information you need is in the grow bible from start to ending .



First Welcome to ILGM.
OK now as @yoshig said…read the Bile by’s the link and the guide’s.
You really need to read these if you plan on growing

Hope this helps



Mate as already said have a flick through the grow bible. But check out grow courses on ilgm page. Just read them. Theres a course on germination one on sprouts the grow the flower. The harvest. Drying . Curing. Seed making.
Its all there. But if you need these plants for medical use take the time to read the info first. Seriously if you wz nt quality you must know what your doing. And ilgm has everything you need to know right here in there courses.
Ive been growing for over 12 mths and only now that i have this forum am i understand ing my plants needs.
My title name says it all. Im more than happy with what you get here.