Got my microscope! 2nd opinion?

Microscope arrived today. Its really hard to hold steady and get a good picture but i got a few that are at least better than my phone. Again I realize everytime most people ask the general concensus is wait longer and thats ok. I just think now i can at least a better time line. Thanks for looking and responding in advance… you all rock!


I see almost no clear, but before I assume you’re in the harvest window, you got any individual bud pics and whole plant pics?


You’re like, standing at, nose pressed on the glass, looking in the window. The white hairs, with the few little clear trichs here and there say 10-14 days to me. Others will let you know what they think. Very nice buds!!!

Hi there. How old is she? I think she has some plumping to do. But, I’m not going to weaks.

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Thanks for the insight! I have no problem with her going 2 more weeks. That will put her right at 8 weeks of flower… blue dream auto by the way.

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Same here, looking good, but a couple weeks.

It does appear to have some ambering but it looks like sugar leaf.
The calyx trics still look a little clear but a lot of cloudy, these are more important im my experience.

Good work!

She is right at 6 weeks of flower. Just seems to be maturing fast.

Thanks so im going for a couple more weeks! It seems to be the concensus. Appreciate you!

Lol you did partake without the group!!

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@Jimtroutbum beautiful plant you got there!!!

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I was hoping u got that…

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@Fieldofdreams @beachglass inside joke or just something i missed!! Lol



Thank you! Its not like some of the art around here but shes mine!! And will be enjoyed with all.


@Jimtroutbum thread jumping lol. We joked about long distance toke at same time and she cheated and jumped the gun and now I proved it lmao. To weaks roflmao

Hi @Jimtroutbum . These ladies will let you know when they are ready.

Are you saying you wouldn’t go 2 weeks. Maybe 10 days?? Lol

Unlike certain ladies who start the party without a hint lol

That giant cola on her!! oh my goodness.

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