Got my lights raised up


My main plant vegged too long during flowering so my lights were right on top of my plant. I was finally able to rig the lights higher to give them room. This is also an example of why I like a bunch of smaller lights so I am able to keep my small plant close to the light. All are 600w Philzon LEDs.


Nice looking plants


And nice ingenuity. Takes some thinking to get it right. But its possible. U may get a bit of reqch from the big lady over there tho :wink::wink:


She has stopped stretching for the most part now, but it was either 2" below the lights or where it’s at now. I could increase my ingenuity and make it adjustable from up high. Damn, now I am going to redo it haha. Bring the lights back down 6 inches. Back to the drawing board!


Oh wow, all I have to do is reattach the adjustable clips. I reinvented the wiring structure, but I never thought to bring the adjustble clip back in play. Tomorrow once the lights come back on, IT WILL BE DONE!


With those lights you got, the 600w phlizon. They only pull 108w at wall so you should be able to grow plants to where they damn near touch light. I was using s 400w cob that pulled 200w at wall and I didn’t notice any stress until they where about ten inches away. Also, leds penetration only goes about 8" deep, so you may wanna consider topping and lst and time. Just my 2 cents


Yea I fimmed the main stalk twice and had very even growth until I initiated flower and the big girl vegged and stretched for 3 weeks before I went to 14 hours of dark. Now I am down to 13 hours of dark and should be back to 12/12 in the next week or two. Thanks for the light information I did not know what they pulled, but I know my neighbor bought a huge LED for over $600 and my plants did way better than his lol


I threw the adjustable clips back in and now it’s at a perfect height!


I have decided to run full spectrum light, bloom and veg for the rest of the grow. I just feel like the more light the better, and I dropped the left light a bit.