Got my Grow tent ordered 😊

Finally ordered my Grow tent. Now im gunna get lights ordered next both MH and HPS. How many light fixtures would yall recommend i get? 1 or 2?

Oh and should i get full spectrum lighting??

How big is the tent will depend on what light you get.

I ordered a vivosun grow tent 48x48x80

That’s the size I have and I have a 600w hps/mh

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One or two?

Just one, I don’t have a cooled hood, I just have the wing reflector. The light generates pretry substantial heat. Although my fans should be here tomorrow then I’ll maybe able to put the light on 100%. It is also a dimmable ballast as well

Im finna order the 600w viparspectra full spectrum light. Should dat be enough to start?

I believe so, just check out the footprint of the light and make sure it will cover your entire grow area

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You know you get a whole entire grow kit with pH pens, fans, soil, buckets, inline fan, scrubber, ducting, with either led or hps, smart pots or hydro buckets, with tds meter, the kit and kaboodle for one price. ? Have you not seen AdvanceSpectrumMaxx Led?