Got me a HLG550 V3 RSPEC

Yea the hlg 100 will be fine for one plant all the way to harvest if u get the 4k, I use mine for seeds and clones too, I have both the the 100 and 260 n I love them! As far as outdoor stuff I’m indoors only, but theres tons of great outdoor grows here that can help u

Do you think you could present a DIY on making a supplemental light using specifically UVB diodes? I am supplement with UVB with a T5, but love to see something more efficient.

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For what size space?

I think 4×4 footprint would accommodate most growers. Then they could always duplicate to cover more area.

I don’t really have any interest in it, but the stuff is available.

One watt worth for every 1-2 square feet should be plenty.

Thank you. I will do my homework.

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