Got hit by mold

:point_up:t5: I just found this.this is one of the 2 biggest buds on this plant has mold.

:point_down:t5: this is the other.

So the 2 biggest buds on this plant had to be destroyed because of mold.

Check out this video
You can wash it off but you should take the buds now remove and effected areas and wash and hang to dry
That looks more like it going to bud rot if you leave it going
Your outdoors?
I lost most of my outdoor grow last summer to bud rot

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Yeah sound like start of bud rot
Hate to say it but i would start thinking about harvesting early
But rit can devastate a crop over night just my thoughts

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ok :triumph:

could I buy myself some time by washing the plant it its pot?

Then blowing it off with a fan and a bit of sun?

As well as I was only able to get a 150ml 6% hydrogen peroxide. they only had that one bottle. Could that do if so how?

Could you recommend a great harvesting cleaning and curing methods

This is the plant.

I wanted to send her back to vegging do you think that’s a good idea?
she is dense and sticky with a strong aroma.

I would take it down wash just like in video
After removing and effected areas of the flower of course
He also explains how to dry using a fan but that only for a few hours fir excess water from washing
Once washed
Hang in a dark room with a fan to move air around in room do not blow air directly on buds
Ideally you want humidity in 55-60% range
Hang 7-10 day until stems snap not bend
Then trim to liking and put in mason jars with lids
Burp jars twice a day for 20 min ea
This will allow buds to off gas the chloroform and other gases that are ng at this time you want to check buds for any molding
Do this for first two weeks after that
Burp one a day for 2 more weeks
Humidity in jars should stay around 55-60% ifeally
Longer cure times better taste you can sample the bud once dry flavors and high will not be a highest potential tho
As I mentioned i lost a whole outdoor grow cashing the mold removing bad buds and what not i cases it so long i lost 80% of the grow hardly worth my effort
Sorry but I personally would cut my losses and do as described above @Candygrowja


I am seeing some sines of bud rot on another plant. as well as I’m trying to see how close I am or how fare past harvest I am because I don’t know. I want to know so I know if I should expect a couchlock or active high.

Lower buds :point_down:t5:

Attempting to see the heads :point_down:t5::triumph:

Film days X8 converter is what I took the Micro-ish pics with.

Enough resources to take care of this menace

I’m not sure what the white tarp is for, but it’s most likely restricting airflow without proper airflow you will always have that issue.

If you attempt to reveg, you will need better airflow…


you are right. I did not have enough air flow. I was trying to keep it hidden but still, provide bounce light from the sun. I pulled it all down and I have not had that problem.

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