Got free bag of bud But…

This depends on what it’s used for. I normally decarb using the jartech method after extraction. If I’m using fresh material I might decarb first, but the stuff that needs to be is usually a second wash that still has alcohol in it.

Do a bubble wash or so with it and get the bubble hash and use that for the edibles. It’s already frozen so a quick break up some and drop into a bucket of ice water and use a drill with a mixing paddle and beat it up strain thru a micron bag. Can do it 2 or 3 washes to make sure u get everything from it possible. Can make a homemade blasting tube. It waste some butane but it works great just need a tube caps for each end and a small piece of micron bag to screen the part where the butane drips from. I made a foot long tube 1 inch PVC both ends have screw caps. One has multiple drip holes other side has 1 for the butane to enter. Fill tube with product. Cap off to hold as much pressure as u can get and spray away letting it drip onto parchment paper til it comes out clear colored. Let butane evap usually pretty quick then I run the parch ent paper over a 100w light bulb just to warm it up and make sure all the butane is out of the product. I let it set by the bulb moving slowly split just starts to bubble some not alot Soni don’t overheat it too much but the taste is phenomenal u’ll know if butane is still in the end product as when u go to hit the wax it will crackle like it is still wet if that happens heat it up a bit more or leave it set on a counter as flat as possible for a day or 2 and the rest will evap itself


Freezers only work as good as it’s defroster.
In the 70s and early 80s we used to use dry ice sometimes. Dries it nicely in one to two days.
Doesn’t hurt , and if done correctly it’s thought to increase the potency. For a while it was sold commercially under the moniker wacky weed.
It can really speed things up if someone"s" has pounds to Cure daily.