Got bugs on my buds

So I get this really good magnifying glass so I can keep an eye on my try combs. I plug off of bud from the bottom trim it up a little bit as I’m sitting out I’m looking at it with my new magnifying glass and there’s a little bugs in it like they’re living on my buds. They kind a look like like little crabs not that I’ve ever had crabs but I hear that’s what they look like really tiny so I can’t really take a picture of them but I’m sure somebody out there knows that I’m talking about if there are a couple of buds there on all my buds she’s at eight weeks of flower Is there anything I can do to get rid of them?

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If you post a pic we can zoom in. It would certainly help. Just a guess otherwise. :v:

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Sounds like good old spider mites, little basterds, you can goto the grow guide and look up pests, might be able to compare pics there


Could also be broad russet mites…
They only attack the buds…
If this is an indoor grow , your going to really have to clean everything before you grow anymore plants and if you took clones from this run , they are probably infested as well…
Very hard to get rid of once you get them…

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Man it looks like I’ll be smoking them LOL I hope they taste good I had I could only see them with a 90 x magnifier and only reason I saw Miss cuz they were a purple color different than anything else I’m just a little bit bigger than the head of a trichome all right I’ll be smoking a little bastards then maybe a good voice will get rid of some of them and if they’re eating plant I can’t be eating much

russet mites. Harvest and do a bud wash. Look up Jorge Cervantes on Youtube.

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So do I not have time to flush? Maybe a quick ice slush for one day then 24 hours of darkness cut wash and hang? Will the mites still be alive and chowing on my bud as I’m smoking it?

Question, if I start flushing her now for two weeks should be just right at 10 weeks to cut with a mites do too much damage in two more weeks