Got approved for medical marijuana card in NY

It was easy. Signed up Friday through next day talked on the phone with a doctor. Described my pain, i have joint pain and lately get these muscle spasms. Plus i have anxiety and started a stressful job that leaves me feeling achy at the end of the day. He approved me. Didnt think it would be that easy. Signed up through ny’s gov. site. and says it would take a week to get the card in the mail. They offer a temporary card but its not there yet.

Im just amazed how easy it was and looking online how many dispensaries are close to me.


I got approved as well for NY!

Congrats. One day the USA will legalize like we did up here in Canada :canada:.

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Yeah USA is slow but finally realizing its benefits. Even though with it slowly becoming legal I feel it has it downsides, the govt. takes advantage of taxes and forcing businesses to increase prices. I heard medical insurance is good there and isnt prostitution legal there?

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What site you use?

Ummm not too sure on the whole prostitution thing. Fortunately never had to use one. Medical insurance is good here. I find the worst part of it all is the stigma old society has put on cannabis that’s holding everything back.

Same place…smooth process n the temp card is nice to use instantly!!

Thts weird on the temp card…mine was immediate! Does all your info and physical address match? I started the process yesterday at 9am-by 4pm i had my temp card…went this morning!!!

I just got it yesterday. Now i just got to check out a dispensary. Wow thats fast, nice. I thought I would check out medmen, it suggest to make a appt. I just dont know what to try, dont want to vape my friend said it messed him up.

Stick to the flower for now…i use fp wellness and im very happy with todays purchase! I did everything online and jus picked up at store

Cool, thats what i was thinking since im use to smoking a blunt or pipe. I figure stick to what i know.

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How is the bud you got? I just went to a medmen yesterday. Got drops, but don’t have much effect, but maybe cause I started out small.

Ive been dabbling around with the curaleaf products…bud does the trick, cant really say anything bad about it but its not like wat im use to so i switched it up to the chews…they work great for pain relief…i guess its all on how you look at it wen u walk in there…medically or not!!!

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Thanks, good to know. Your still able to smoke it since its grounded up right? My friend said stay away from vaping.

Yes, smokes like any other stuff…vaping is not horrible if you don’t abuse it…i vape a bit if its the right cart lol